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Can Alissa agree to a marriage on his terms?

Dirk Matheson is a VP at Alissa's company, and every woman there has a crush on him. He’s talented and mysterious, and his many relationships with supermodels and celebrities, which rarely last even two weeks, have earned him a reputation as a playboy. Alissa, the CEO’s dutiful but plain secretary, never imagined she might have any common ground with him…until the night he hit on her. Then they started dating, and before she knew what hit her, he was proposing to her…but nothing can prepare her for his next request: “If you marry me, I want you to give up on ever having children.” Alissa loves him, but will that love be enough for her to agree to his terms?

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A definite read 5  5

Oh, this harlequin comic was especially good with all the right amounts to it. We have a hero and heroine who can't fight the attraction (the hero is the one who admits it first) but he points out that if they are to pursue a relationship or even get married then the kids factor is off the table. The heroine is a woman who wants kids but she wants the hero as well and she goes along with it. The hero is great, the family accepts him, and he plays well with her nieces and nephew. Yet, it doesn't make sense of why he wouldn't want to have kids in the first place. So, six months into their marriage, she gets the news that she's three months pregnant. When she tells the hero, it's crud hitting the fan because he denies paternity and accuses her of infidelity. She asks why he would think that and he states that he got a vasectomy in order to ensure that he would have no kids what so ever. He storms off into the night and meets one of the "potential" rivals who could have fathered the child. Now, fortunately for him, the rival scolds him for accusing the heroine of such a terrible thing when they both know that the heroine isn't like that. Plus, he tells the hero that vasectomy procedures aren't 100% effective and can both heal and produce. The news shocks the hero and I found it funny that he didn't know because aren't most doctors who perform this surgery notify the patients of the chances that the surgery won't work. So, the hero gets himself checked and the test shows that he's fertile as well. Unfortunately, he realizes his big mistake and runs back to the heroine. He apologizes to the heroine for his horrible behavior to the heroine but he says he doesn't want her to keep the baby. She is shocked by this and after some shouting of she wanting the baby and he shouts that he wants it too opens up his dark past. The hero grew up in an abusive home where his parents beat and starved him but did nothing to siblings. The trauma of it all caused him to run away at fourteen then become the man. He sees himself as a monster who would hurt children because he was raised by abusive parents and read that abused children can become the abusers themselves when they get older. That is true for some abused children but not for all. He has borne a strong grudge against his family that he wants to kill them all and feeling that way makes him see himself as a monster. However, he's just a man who's afraid of hurting his own child like his parents did and doesn't want that kind of scenario. It's from there on that the heroine becomes his rock and supports him as he lets out his fear and pain to her and help him heal. She gives him hope because she has faith in him that he won't do that to his own kid. Faith can encourage a person to heal and believe in themselves that they aren't the monsters. This is what I really liked about it because for the next five months, the heroine helps the hero slowly progress into getting ready for the baby and find his family to see them and face his past demons. They find the family when the heroine is in her eighth month but hero wants her to stay and rest. When he meets the siblings, they say how much they regretted for not standing up to the hero when they were kids but they were afraid of being beaten themselves. Their guilt only intensified when the father pushed the brother's three year old son down the stairs because he looked liked the hero. They say that it's no fault of the hero because the father was an abused kid whose father's features were found on the hero. Now, the boy is confined to a wheelchair and gets episodes if he sees tall strange men. They ask for the hero's forgiveness and he wishes a swift recovery for the brother's son. As the hero leaves, all the hate and pain seems to fade slowly since the father is dead, the mother has dementia, and the siblings suffered from the guilt towards their brother as well as the fear from their parents. He starts to go back to the heroine who has become his light when he gets the call that the heroine has gone into labor. He makes to see his little girl and it's such a touching and heart-wrenching scene that I reread many times. The two tell each that they love each other and we move to the ending where the heroine is coming home to find her husband and daughter sleeping in the rocking chair. It was just such a good read and a definitely recommend it to rent or buy.

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Perfect ending! 5  5

The ending was sooo cute!!!

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