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No wonder I have such a miserable, broken heart. He was my mother’s lover!

When her dreams start telling Olivia to write a letter to Drake Arundell, she decides the time has come. Drake was Olivia’s first love, but when she learned that he was her mother’s boyfriend, her rosy image of him changed abruptly. Drake is also the father of Olivia’s younger brother, and now that Simon needs surgery, Olivia needs his help. Drake is a millionaire and in a position to help, but he insists that Simon is not his son and that Olivia is only out for his money. 

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not sure how mirror comes in. 3  3

The heroine is on her last legs and is desperate to help her little boy with his deafness that she turns to his birth father. Now, the whole thing is rather criss-cross. The heroine's mother married a man after the heroine's father was gone but their marriage was less than perfect with both spouses fighting. The mother got pregnant and the husband demanded the father's name and she said it was the hero. It broke the heroine's heart since she was crushing and waiting for the guy to come for her. So, the husband made it personal in destroying the hero, the FI racer who stopped after his father's crash that killed him. Then things go bad after the baby is born and the heroine's mother dies under suspicious circumstances. The last straw was when the heroine came into the baby's room to see her step-father standing over her baby brother with a pillow in his hands. He gives excuses but one can leave it to reasoning and imagination of what he planned to do. She runs off with the brother and tries to stay under grid in order not to alert the stepfather where they might be. Now, the last straw has her being fired and she decides to seek the hero out for help. It actually a bit of a revelation for the hero who thought the boy was the heroine's son and not brother. She tells him what's been happening since their kiss and after threats are exchanged ,the hero to agrees to help on his own conditions like a DNA test and the heroine coming with him after her bout with pneumonia. They get the results but the hero is vague about it, leaving the heroine to believe that he is the father. It's a windy road for the hero and the heroine since the hero pursues her and she fights off with the reason being he slept with her mother. However, time together helps in building that bridge. Things go downhill when the stepfather appears, talking about claiming custody over the brother. It really scares the heroine and she goes to the hero for help. Even with the DNA test, the heroine doesn't think it'll be enough and tells the hero they should get married. The hero goes along with the whole thing easily and has them married shotgun style. He does try to tell the heroine something about her mother but she won't listen. Next, the hero and heroine have their first confrontation with the stepfather but the hero wins that battle. Afterwards, he confesses his love to the heroine. Before the heroine tells him she loves him, we have the final standoff between stepfather and our main couple. The stepfather fires some shots but it's the hero who gets him with out on him being bankrupt and only trying to get the boy for his trust fund since the heroine's uncle already emptied hers without her even knowing it ever existed. He cuts the man a deal and the man disappears from their eyes. The hero reveals that the boy is his father's son but he didn't know because his father and mother couldn't have children and therefore, adopted him. Their feelings of love reach each other and we get a happy ending.

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