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Talie has no idea what this business trip holds in store for her!

Talie is starting work at a new company, but her good-natured personality makes her late on her first day. When she slides into the elevator, she falls in love with the man she meets there. Talie dreams of the day when she can meet him again, but to no avail. Then Talie is asked to be an interim secretary for the company president and accompany him on a business trip. The mysterious company president is rumored to be handsome but also coldhearted and arrogant. Though the business trip is full of worries and unknowns for Talie, she waits for the CEO at the airport, ready to depart. So she’s quite surprised when she sees the man from the elevator approaching her!

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*There is no real drama here, but that doesn't stop it from being a good story.* 4  4

SPOILER ALERT: Spoiler wise, this won’t be greatly detailed because there isn’t a tangled web to navigate and half the fun of this story is just getting to experience it, but considering the first two reviewers only gave it two stars and I thought it was better than that, I figured say something. What this story DOESN’T have is drama. We don’t have an OW or OM out to sabotage the couple. We don’t have twisted, unbelievably tortuous backgrounds that need miraculous healings. We don’t have family feuds or arranged marriages or even an unplanned pregnancy! What we DO have is two people with some personal issues who meet in a completely believable situation, whose proximity to one another is helped by completely inadvertent circumstances and whose relationship grows in a completely believable way (although maybe a bit more rushed than the novel? Being as the artist must generally shorten stories to graphic novel-length, I suspect other interactions may have had to go to the wayside). If anything is over the top, it is the heroine’s personality and her hair :D. One is genetic (accentuated by an occasional “boing” and “spring” to emphasize its uniqueness), and the other – I’m sure – is part of her coping mechanism. Our couple meets as she rushes to catch the executive elevator on the first day of her temp secretary job and shouts across the lobby for the man who just got in to, “Hold that elevator!” She had been delayed by stopping to render aid to someone who collapsed. When the man warns that excuses won’t be tolerated, she says if the man died because she abandoned him so she wouldn’t be late, she’d regret for the rest of her life. This impresses the man and they part ways never expecting to see each other again, and then we discover he is the company president. During her 3-day temp job she is positively received by everyone, including the president’s secretary, but – as expected of a temp - leaves the company when the job is done. Shortly thereafter, however, she gets a late-night call from the president’s secretary. The president leaves for an important business meeting in New York in the morning, but her daughter had gone into labor early and the president needs a temp secretary for the trip. The qualifications are strict and the heroine is the best fit. The heroine can’t help but respond to the secretary’s desperation and accepts, and here we get a hint that the heroine’s home life has a serious complication. Our couple meets again at the airport as he’s blindsided by the secretary change and he finds the heroine helping yet another person to the detriment of their schedule. She greets him as a fellow employee and expresses her delight that she won’t be alone with the president having been warned of his exacting, cold-hearted attitude and is blindsided to discover HE is the president. From here, the fact that we get both points of view, through interaction and internal musing, is helpful as we watch the pendulum swing. When the trip starts, the boss is 100% business and money-oriented and expects her to be equally dedicated to the task (and he is confused that he is becoming more and more intrigued by this outgoing woman but is at a lack as to how to deal with her on any level beyond professional). She, on the other hand, is dedicated to her task but is equally determined to carve out time to experience New York. One significant example of her dedication to doing both is an altercation that pulls the hero from his bed early. After getting her work done it was already morning so she went jogging and was confined by hotel security when she tried to get back in. He reminds her that the hotel has a perfectly good treadmill and she could watch the stock market at the same time, but she says that getting to run is not the point; it’s was getting to run in CENTRAL PARK (And the whole scene is hilarious as he comes down to find 3 grown security men being chewed out by his tiny, spring haired secretary. Their reactions are priceless. And if the expressions weren’t enough, the artist is kind enough to add descriptive text just to get the point across.) Its really a light-hearted story about two very different people simply falling in love, although the most growth is evident in the hero as he slowly discovers something more important than business. We watch him get jealous of her interactions with other men (to the point he insists she come to a party with him so she won’t be free to meet anyone), we see him start to indulge and then support her sight-seeing agenda (to the point he even takes a day off to take her around and be her photographer), and finally, we see him care enough to delve into her habit of deflecting conversations about her family life. There is a lot of emotional growth as they learn about each other – as she opens his eyes to a new way to see life… as he convinces her that she doesn’t have to handle her trouble at home alone, but then he has to go and spoil it. He takes her to the Manhattan Bridge at night, they marvel at the scenery, they kiss, they hug, he asks if it's wrong to ask her to become more than a secretary – oh, the romance! – and invites her to bed. Thud. And THEN, in the morning as she wakes to bittersweet regret thinking it’s just a fling, THEN he purposes. Sigh. We end with a quiet wedding in her backyard (there is a reason for it) and a mutual recognition that their love is a miracle. I really liked this story. It wasn’t melodramatic. It wasn’t over the top. I didn’t roll my eyes even once. I wish the other ‘star givers’ had bothered to write a review because I’m curious what they didn’t like about it. I thought it was great, and on top of that I though the art was great as well. I especially liked the artist habit of adding little textual and nontextual cues to clarify understanding and attitudes - some made me laugh (like the white flag over the hero as he ends an agrument by bossily saying, 'We'er done talking about this.' Boss got the last word, but the flag indicates he's ending it because he lost to her - lol). My only regret regarding this story is I limit myself to sales and my only option on this one was to rent, so I can't read it again later. But I will be keeping my eyes open. If it goes on sale again, it may just end up on my bookshelf.

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