Historical Romance A NOBLE MAN

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The duke posed as a groom to win her hand.

Sophia, the daughter of the Earl of Yardley, has always been different than her social peers. Much to the concern of her parents and peers, Sophia would rather give up her noble lineage and marry a man she loves instead of an empty-headed aristocrat. Then one day, Ben, the Duke of Sharnbrook, saves her from danger. Ben is charmed by her immediately and sets out to try to win her hand. However, he soon finds that Sophia has a distaste for aristocratic men, so he hatches a plan to pose as a groom and find work in her household. The two soon grow close, but Ben’s false identity, not to mention the interest of other suiters, soon puts their relationship and Ben in danger.

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The hero comes back looking like a vagabond after five years of exile by his father for not being responsible enough. He sent the hero away and seeing people working hard to support other changed him into a wiser man. Unfortunately, the trip home after receiving news of his father's death was less than pleasant from pirates, lost possessions, to having to change clothes with another man because they were clean. He is barely able to change when he runs into the heroine who shows him kindness that astounds him because of a lady showing kindness to his dirty appearance. The hero also proves himself as a man of character when he runs into the street to save a child from being clobbered by an associate noble's carriage. The hero is immediately smitten by the heroine but is warned by his brother that she's well known among their circles as person for anti-marriage. The hero decides to try a different avenue by getting employed as a stable hand at the heroine's house. He passes and strikes up a friendship with the heroine who takes well to the hero. He looks like a gentleman to the snobbish OM who wants the heroine and carries the Gaston from Beauty and Beast persona that all women will do as he says. The heroine is no push-over and calls him out on his carriage since it was his that nearly ran over the child. Another reason the heroine avoids him is because he was married but he kept cheating on his poor wife that she died of a broken heart. The next day, the hero and heroine go out riding when they cross roads with the OM who insists on speaking with heroine. He pulls out the flower speech but she won't go for it. Then he tries a little more forceful means that would sully her reputation. Luckily the hero is there to stop the man but the OM gets angered over the hero's involvement when he's just a servant. He tries to hit the hero with a whip but the heroine covers him. The heroine calls him out on his behavior and when he makes for a grab for her, the hero punches him in the gut. They leave together with a conversation that has butterflies in the hero's stomach. The heroine makes it clear the kind of man she wants is based more on his character rather than his title to everyone who fails to get her to actually think about it. The hero is able to dent her reasoning by stating the kind of man she wants is a common man but what can she as a Lady offer him when she doesn't know how to cook or clean. Therefore, she would be useless and undesirable to the common man. I actually liked that scene because it helps bring up the whole Downton Abbey scenario. The heroine actually starts questioning how things work and gets everyone in teaching her the how to's. During which, the hero finds himself in love but is faced with the dilemma of being her groom and if she were to find out about his deception then she wouldn't forgive him. Later, he gets ambushed and brought back injured to the heroine's house by the OM. Once, the hero is awaken, he gets to try the heroine's homemade food that actually tastes decent then reveals that before he fell unconscious from being beaten, he heard the OM's voice saying that it was enough. Next thing, ugly rumors about spread among high society about the hero by none other than the OM but the heroine denounces the rumors. Her defense towards the hero makes an impression on the circles who want to see the hero. Now, the heroine wants to bring the her to the next party but he realizes the game is up and will end badly if he doesn't tell the heroine who he truly is. He disappears from her household and reappears before her with his true identity. When he reveals who he is, the heroine takes it badly and thinks the whole thing was some form of a twisted joke. She runs off into the OM who calls the heroine damaged goods and gets a punch from the hero. He challenges the man to a duel, which the man gloats over because commoners can't do gentleman's duels till the hero's brother reveals who he is. The heroine wants no part of it and tries to stay out but the idea of seeing the hero getting shot scares her badly. The next morning, she rushes out barely dressed for society to the location of the duel. She panics when she finds the hero on the ground but he assures that . It turns out the OM fled into the night with stolen money when he accumulated too much debt to pay off. It was actually the true reason he was pursuing the heroine for her dowry. The hero confesses his love and his reason for getting close to her is that she wouldn't have let him had she known he was a duke. The heroine confesses her love for him and they decide to get married. I really liked this historical one.

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