Pure Romance ESMERALDA

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A handsome boyfriend and a charismatic doctor… Her heart swings between them.

Esmeralda is a kind, skilled nurse who’s always cheerful despite difficulties with her leg. One day surgeon Dr. Bamstra visits her hospital and examines her, assuring her that he can cure it. When Esmeralda tells her boyfriend the good news, he doesn’t seem particularly excited for her. In the end, it is not her boyfriend but Bamstra who comforts Esmeralda before her big operation. She has yet to discover the real reason behind his kindness!

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3.5 good nurse and doctor romance 4  4

The heroine is a nurse with a limp that's been there ever since her horse riding accident with her mother. No doctor has ever been able to fix it till the hero comes along with a way. The heroine is all for it, even if she doesn't like the hero. No doubt, the hero's first words were not the best of choice. It also doesn't help that her boyfriend gives her a negative opinion of the man(turns out to be jealousy). Now, the heroine ends up going to stay at the hero's place before her surgery but her boyfriend doesn't go to see her off. It's there that she meets his three kids; they were his beloved nanny's grandkids but their mother sadly died a month ago. So, he took them in and has been their dad ever since. Their share of love for their nannies actually helps the heroine see the hero in a better light. The heroine does misunderstand for a while that the OW in the house is his wife when she's really his sister. Strangely, as the surgery date approaches closer, the heroine has even had an email from her boyfriend. However, the hero gets insider news about the boyfriend that would shatter the heroine's confidence and risk success of the surgery. The hero keeps it hidden and I would have done it no questions asked. A bouquet is given to the heroine in order to boost her confidence because she thinks it's from the boyfriend but it's not signed. The surgery is a success with rehabilitation going well. Unfortunately, the boyfriend secret is revealed when the heroine gets a text message from a fellow coworker about the boyfriend getting into a car accident with his fiancee. The heroine becomes depressed but the hero manages to help her push through rehab. The heroine gets her on cheer squad from the hero's kids who also save her. The boyfriend comes sauntering in and takes the heroine away despite her objections. Then when he gets handsy, the hero comes barging thanks to one of the kids who put their phone with a GPS in the heroine's pocket for the hero to track. There's a heated argument between the hero and guy but the hero has the last word. Then the hero takes her away and they open about things. They admit they like each other and start dating. I rather liked this part because it's no dive first into marriage but more of a developing romance. The development is skipped over to the wedding.....of the heroine's mother and first doctor. By then, the hero and heroine plan to get married and are practicing their dancing steps at the end of the story.

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Esmeralda 4  4

Are they his kids they don't look like him are they adopted

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