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I can’t share him with my own sister!

Ginny is depressed after her beloved stepfather passes away, but her mother and sister are more concerned with their inheritances and eagerly look forward to the reading of his will. When the time finally comes, everything is left to his son, Andre, whom he kept hidden! Ginny’s mother assumed that she would inherit everything, and her sister had been planning an extravagant wedding with his money. They threaten Andre, saying the will isn’t valid, but he stands firm. And then he directs his appraising gaze to Ginny…

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misunderstandings and such 3  3

The heroine's confidence and self value was knocked down to ground zero after the many years she spent with her mother who's the golden combination of Cruella De Vil and Cinderella's stepmother, not to mention her horrible younger sister who she took care of when her mother had the gaul to spend all the lottery money on clothes for herself and take a cruise to snag a rich man instead of even buying food for her two girls. I wasn't really happy with the heroine's stepfather who never stood up for her, encouraged her, or even helped her go to college to achieve her dream of being a teacher. I mean, really, the girl spent so much of her young life being free labor to his house and despite having a good heart and a deep pocket, the man couldn't give up a couple of thousand euros to pay for school. It's the catch a man a fish or teach a man a fish sort of thing. Then the husband dies and leaves very little to the wife who's madder than a wet cat in December when she hears of the little money she got from the ten years she "gave" to him. Then everyone learns of the father's illegitimate son who has inherited everything else. It's probably a good idea because any inheritance the heroine would have gotten would have been taken by the mother either by lawyers or her bullying. From then on, it's a roller coaster of misunderstandings both intentional and non-intentional with the hero thinking the heroine has the hots for her sister's weak willed fiancee and the heroine thinks the hero has the hots for the sister. One thing after another leads the heroine and the hero to have a passionate night that leads them to question if the heroine is pregnant. The hero takes her to his place, a fancy place that would have the mother green with envy and an attitude parallel to Oscar the Grouch. The roller coaster goes on because the two of them are in love with each other but are afraid that the other is love with the people mentioned above. Then when things start progressing, the sister shows up and practically keeps throwing herself at the hero because she saw monetary value the hero really is after seeing the house. The heroine thinks that the hero is happy to have the sister but she is so blind to the hero's discomfort. Let me make it easier to describe how the hero feels with the sister throwing herself at him: it's like she's a chihuahua humping on his leg that he finds a nuisance. However, he doesn't tell the hero that the only reason why he's keeping the materialistic cretin is because his right hand man who has the power to say no and stands by his no has fallen for the woman. Then a scary situation with the hero's adoptive father's evil secretary who pushes the heroine down the stairs and nearly causes her to lose the baby. It takes the whole hospital thing for the two to finally sit down and have a talk with each other. They are able to clear away the misunderstandings and proclaim their love for each other. It was a nice romance but it sad to have a heroine who lacks self-love and confidence.

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