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I haven’t seen him in ten years… Now he’s my boss and he still makes my head spin!

When they were in high school, Kelsey and Eric were passionately in love. Then one day, he disappeared without a word, standing her up at their prom. Ten years have passed since then… Now he’s a successful entrepreneur who lives next door to her parents! He still makes her heart pound, but he’s hard to read. Kelsey refuses to let herself be swept away by him. She needs to focus on more important things—as single mother, she desperately needs a job at his company. This volume also includes the story Rosa. Fate seems to have crossed the paths of Selena, a caretaker to the elderly Godfrey, and Ethan, a self-made businessman who built his career up from nothing. They’re feuding over the rights to a painting, but this mysterious painting has a history far richer and more magical than they ever imagined.

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Boss 4/ Rosa 3.8 4  4

The Boss's favorite wasn't a bad one in terms of how short it was. I mean I would like the whole 129-130 in this developing romance but it worked out well. The hero and heroine are both divorcees with a lot of baggage. However, they were also high school sweethearts up until prom night when the hero left the heroine standing alone. The heroine has no idea why and took it as a sign that he doesn't want to be with her. So, she leaves and ends up getting married to a creep who dies with a ton of debt left in her name. The hero ends up married to a GD who nearly takes everything in the divorce settlement and more because her evil secretary ways. Thankfully, the hero and heroine run into each other because the heroine is living with her parents who live right next door to the hero. The heroine tries to avoid him but it doesn't work. So, she confronts on leaving her that night by stating he owes her and to hire her as secretary. He does and there is some resistance his colleagues who are merely looking out for the guy. She does proof that she's qualified with her hard work. Then they kiss and the hero starts avoiding the heroine because he can't go back to dating. He reveals the night of the prom that he was beaten up badly by his father and his mother secretly took him to another hospital in order for no one to know. Then he reveals his infertility, making him believe that he can't be with the heroine since he can't give her kids. Their relationship in both the personal and business turns sour with the heroine quitting. She doesn't want to leave home or the hero but she realizes he needs to face his own issues before moving on. Thankfully, help comes in form of the heroine's children who ask him the simple questions. The kind that cause him to realize he loves the heroine and wants to move forward. He walks the kids home to the heroine who he confesses his love to and asks for a second chance. He gives such a warm and touching speech. The heroine accepts his love and says she loves him too. Then, we get an adorable ending with all of them and their family set of pajamas. Rosa was an interesting one. The heroine's on a mission to buy an auctioned painting that her dear old boss wants. Only she's been beaten by another bid caller. That would be the hero and she tries every avenue to get him to agree to at least loaning the painting for her boss. The reason why she wants to get the painting for her boss is because it reminds him of a happier time. When he was a young man he fell in love with a woman but she was of different class. So, they separated and he wants the painting in order to remember that time. The two quickly develop a conversation and connection, which intensifies with a steamy kiss. Yet, the heroine pulls away and says the wrong thing. This in turn makes the hero's walls build up. The heroine gives up and heads back. During which, the hero actually thinks about lending the paintings. Only, he finds letters between his mother and another person. He goes to the heroine and her boss, revealing to be the son of the man's beloved. It explains why he wanted the painting so badly since his mother spoke much about it. He bequeaths it as a gift to the old man who gives the hero a heartfelt compliment that touches him. When the hero and heroine are alone, they ask for each other's forgiveness then it skips to a wedding scene. It wasn't that bad but I felt it needed a couple more pages for development.

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