Pure Romance TO TAME A BRIDE

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He still remembers the innocent smile and kindness of a ten-year-old girl.

A Cessna crashes into the Rockies, and the man and woman on the plane are thrown out of the aircraft. Maddie was abandoned by her mother and then raised by her wealthy, coldhearted grandmother. She quickly learned to hide her loneliness behind arrogance. The name of the other passenger is Linc. And he’s far too perceptive to be fooled by Maddie’s snobbish mask… 

About the Author

Susan Fox is a bookaholic and movie fan who loves cowboys, rodeos, and the American West, past and present. She has an intense interest in storytelling of all kinds and in politics, and she claims the two are often interchangeable. Susan loves writing complex characters in emotionally intense situations, and hopes her readers enjoy her ranch stories and are uplifted by their happy endings. You can visit her website at:

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Great read 5  5

Not everyone is big on spoiled, bratty, and whining heroines. However, this author made it work. It goes with the "Beauty and the Beast" with the heroine being quite beastly to everyone, no exception. I loved how hero worked through by being kind, honest, and no pushover to her words. I loved how the both of them were able to pull out that hurt kid from inside of her and how she started making amends to the people in her life. To summarize: the heroine grew up unwanted by her mother, father, and grandmother. Spent a childhood and her life being neglected, ignored, and hurt by the few adults in her life. This caused her in turn to be mean and spiteful to others like her staff. It's her defense mechanism in order to not being hurt. Now, she gets an out of the blue call from her mother who's getting married and the groom's family wants to meet the heroine. The heroine finds this is her chance to show her beauty and to her mother that she was wrong to abandon the heroine. Unfortunately, she gets into a small plane crash with the hero. From there, its a life changing event from trudging through the wilderness with the hero who treats her with equality and kindness but the honesty that includes "I don't take crap from you." The hero knows the heroine from when she was a little girl and wants to help her be seen in a better light by the townsfolk. One of my favorite scenes is the hero stating that he knows she's been hurt but it doesn't make it right to hurt other innocent people for it. Finally, they find help and the heroine goes back home. She apologizes to her staff and some of her family for her behavior. They forgive her wholeheartedly and she changes to a point where the bad rumors about her die. The hero finally goes to see the heroine because he was waiting for the rumors to go away. Then he asks her to marry and after some heated words exchanged, the heroine says yes. The pages move fast to the heroine and the hero celebrating their first child and the heroine's mother sends a baby gift. The story ends with their kids and friends. It was great story and I really enjoyed it.

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