SCORNED BY THE BOSS (Reasons for Revenge)

Passion Romance SCORNED BY THE BOSS (Reasons for Revenge)

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SCORNED BY THE BOSS (Reasons for Revenge)

A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!

Jefferson’s been left him to fend for himself. Will he learn to be the kind of man Caitlyn can love?

Jefferson Lyon, the CEO of Lyon Shipping, led a charmed life. Until the day his talented assistant, Caitlyn, finally told him he was too arrogant and quit. Then she flew to a resort in the Caribbean! Lyon was devastated to lose her. After careful consideration, he came up with an excellent solution. He would seduce Caitlyn in order to keep her from leaving him. Pleased with his plan, he left for the Caribbean…

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Ohhh, idiot hero. 2  2

The heroine gets a real upside down moment when her fiancée cancels their wedding a month before their date because he suspects the heroine is having an affair with her boss even stating she's in love with the boss. She insists it's not true but their conversations have him always pop up. It's understandable for how the man feels but she has one of those jobs where your life is your boss's or your client's life. She goes back to work heartbroken and when pushed by the hero's invasive attitude and work schedule, she tells him what happened. The first thing he does till has the bell ring on, "How stupid can the hero get?". He doesn't say, "So sorry for what happened. You deserve better, etc". He says and I quote, "So, you'll come with me to Portugal" The idiot is so focused on work and she gives him to it straight that what he said is totally taboo but he doesn't get it nor gets why she's so emotional about it. He even thinks, "What happened to her?" "Uhhh, her wedding got called off You DING DONG!!". The heroine relays her woes to her friends who have suffered in the last year from fiancée's being married to fiancée running off with their bank account. One of the friends proposes a vacation to escape from their troubles. The next morning, after doing all the work requested plus more, the heroine tells the hero that she's taking a month off. He won't have it voicing his whining and orders. His words and attitude irritate the heroine so much that she quits. She walks off with the hero dumbfounded since he tried to get her back with a raise but it didn't work. He tells his dad only she quit because his subconscious held back the important tidbits that would have resulted in his dad whacking him with the golf club. Then the hero comes up with a plan to get the heroine back to working for him: He follows her to vacation, woos her to fall in love (with jewelry) with him then makes her disappointed that she breaks up with him. However, she'll feel guilty for being the one who broke it up that she'll come back to work him. This plan right here is what people who suffered insomnia for a week come up with. It's insane and it's no wonder the heroine didn't fall for it, especially since she overheard him bragging his plan to his rival/friend. She decides to go along with the plan till she reveals she knew. She has him kicked out the room and he sleeps on a deck chair only to wake up to his gloating friend/rival's friend over his current sleeping arrangement. The heroine drops off the jewelry and says she loves him but leaving him because the fact she would say it has him running for the hills. He goes back to the company where the moral is down and one of the employees is quitting because the heroine isn't there to tame the hero's grizzly attitude. The employee talks about the heroine being in love with him. He looks over the jewelry as he contemplates the his love for the heroine. He finds one of the small and cheap pieces are missing then goes to the heroine. He finds her still at the resort and pulls this romantic speech but all in the while, he doesn't even apologize for his behavior and disregarding her feelings. The heroine believes him and accepts it all. We get a happy ending with a foreshadow of what's coming on in the second book. Even at the ending, I was rubbing my forehead in pain with how the plot went. It was hard for me to like and the hero was such a dunce bucket.

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