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My heart is being swept away on this torrent of passion.

She absolutely cannot be attracted to him. Absolutely not. Deborah has continued to tell herself this during the four years she’s been secretary to Alex, the CEO of a music production company. No matter how passionately he looks at her or how attractive he is, she will not become one of his many women. But when Alex suddenly kisses Deborah, she’s not sure what to think anymore. If Deborah plays with a passion this hot, she might get burned, but how can she resist?

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battle of will and trust 3  3

The hero and heroine have worked together in harmony since the day she refused his advances and became his "main" woman in a manner of speaking. Some have rumored that she's only in for her looks but the hero has always reassured her it's been her skills that has kept her in the seat of secretary. Then she drops the bomb on him that she's going with her boyfriend of six months to his family to announce their engagement. This really sets the hero off and we don't find out till later that the hero has been in love with her and has been trying to get her to go out with him (his past history and method of proving he's committed hasn't helped). The heroine has noticed the change in the hero's attitude whenever the boyfriend is brought up. Then hero tells the heroine out of the blue that they're going on a business trip together for an important client. Then comes the kiss and it leaves the heroine confused on what to do.It's because she can't leave the hero as stated in the contact that she can only leave 3 months after stating she quits. The heroine is honest with her boyfriend about the trip (but still is going to spark some trouble of course). We learn from the heroine's friend that in her perspective that the heroine is only dating the man because he's safe, reliable, and most importantly: has a family. The heroine has been desperate to have a family since her parents died when she was a baby and she was shuffled to boarding once out of her nappies by her distant uncle. Although, there was something that set me off about the guy; when the heroine brought up quitting her job, instead of asking why, he immediately said no. Even the heroine's friend notes about the difference between the hero and boyfriend like the heroine and boyfriend act there's no passion piece in the relationship. Once, the hero and heroine are in Nice, he makes his intentions to make the heroine his known. He even confesses that he's been abstinent for months since she started dating the boyfriend. The heroine resists more and he states she "wins' and they should get married but he won't say "I love you". The heroine says no because he won't give her what she wants and the mood turns sour. The heroine realizes she does love the hero and not boyfriend but she can't be in a loveless marriage. The opportunity comes for them to reconcile when news of a flash flood in the area where the hero's mother is and they go to rescue her but end up getting stranded themselves. Nothing happens thankfully and good thing too. It's because when the heroine gets back and misses meet the parents day, the boyfriend lashes out at her publicly in front of their co-workers. He accuses her of sleeping with the hero, won't listen to her side of the story, and etc. The hero comes barging in, punches the guy, and states the heroine and him didn't do anything. He also fires the guy and states that he proposed to the heroine. From then on, things go south because the heroine figures out the hero's plan of bringing her to Nice order to miss parent's day with the boyfriend. She lashes out at him and after listening to him, says yes to his proposal. They don't have coitus when the hero finds out it's the heroine's first time but plans to do it right. Then we have another misunderstanding fight between the hero and heroine on previous lovers with one apologizing and the other turning out to be a closet lesbian. Our main couple are able to talk things out and confess their love for each other with "I love you". That's our ending page and the story was interesting.

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