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A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!

A crown prince who doesn’t know the meaning of love and the woman carrying his heir.

Gillian’s boyfriend is the sexy crown prince of the wealthy European country of Volyarus. It’s been seven months since they fell in love and she believes that he’s about to propose to her, but after a passionate kiss and a night in bed, she’s shocked by what he tells her. He’s not proposing…he wants to break up! “It’s all in your test results—I cannot marry a woman who cannot give me an heir.” He then leaves and Gillian realizes that he must never have loved her. So what is she to do when she learns she’s carrying a small life inside her?

About the Author

USA Today Bestseller Lucy Monroe finds inspiration for her stories everywhere as she is an avid people-watcher. She has published more than fifty books in several subgenres of romance and when she's not writing, Lucy likes to read.  She's an unashamed book geek, but loves movies and the theatre too. She adores her family and truly enjoys hearing from her readers! Visit her website at:

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3.5 she didn't make it easy for him 4  4

Breakups are tough, especially when the man you love is break up with you because he can't marry a woman who can't have kids. This comes from him reading her medical records and seeing the low chance of reproduction. Plus, he's a prince who has no idea how to love because of the cold relationship between his parens and it's his duty as the heir to produce his own heir. So, imagine his surprise when his buddies gets a report from one of his hackers that the heroine is actually pregnant. I just want to say that the man has been miserable since his breakup with the heroine and he's happy because with the heroine being pregnant means they can be together. He goes to thinking that she'll be happy with the news that since she's pregnant, they can get married. OH Boy!!! He was so wrong and she was so ticked!!! The heroine refuses any his advances but she then makes some impossible conditions in order to scare him off. It's definitely because she doesn't want to be with him out of obligation. The conditions flabbergast the hero but he agrees to them. The heroine is shocked and asks for some time to think over her answer. After some more talking and mishaps, the heroine agrees to marry the hero. We have a heart to heart talk when the heroine bursts into tears, talking about her fears that come from her parents' negligence and thinking she was alright with them not being around. The hero comforts her and they plan to fly to his country. The hero flies before the heroine and she goes on a different plane with another passenger. Now, the realization of love comes in a funny way. The other passenger turns out to be the hero's mother and she asks the heroine to sit down and talk with her. I have to admit that it was one of the most interesting conversations between a future mother-in-law and the heroine. I really liked the woman because she's a honest, fair, and good woman who's thinking not just of the country but also of the hero's happiness as well as the heroine. She can see that the heroine is the perfect woman for her son and tells her that she was unhappy from her marriage to a man that she loved but he never loved her because he was forced to marry her on the account that the woman he loved was a divorcee. The hero thought it was the mother who didn't want to divorce; yet, it turns out that after the hero was born, it was the father who denied the mother's request for a divorce. His reason was to keep up appearances but that was a crummy answer that left a woman never feeling true love from her other. I know the man had to marry the woman he didn't love but he cheated on the woman nor did he grant her the freedom from being his wife in order to find a man who would truly appreciate and love her. In my opinion, I think he just wanted her to suffer. I loved her words of wisdom and the ending between the hero and heroine. I enjoyed it all and my only wish is that the woman is freed from her marriage of chains and is given the chance to find love that will give her the love she deserves.

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