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He’ll forgive her debt…if she gives him a baby!

Shocking news greeted Piper when she arrived home for the first time in eight years. The bearer of the news was Wade, the man she’d once loved. Her father, who’d fallen ill and died, owed Wade a huge debt and all the property she was supposed to inherit had to be placed in Wade’s name. And she, too, had incurred a significant debt… Unsympathetic, Wade is willing to strike a deal—if Piper gives birth to his baby, he will cancel her debt!

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editor's comment - December 21st, 2018

Hero wanted heroine badly but he just assume and did not find time to have a good talk with heroine. Heroine suffered all the misfortune herself and to make matter worse, hero was not by her side. The pregnacy contract gives them more time to be together and clear up the misunderstanding.

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2.5 They didn't know her 3  3

The hero and father didn't seem to understand the heroine at all with how things accumulated; it was ridiculous to me. The hero and heroine were in a relationship but when the heroine wanted to leave, the hero didn't want to leave her father who he worked for and the heroine saw him chose her father over her. So, she leaves but finds out she's pregnant. She planned to give birth to the baby overseas but she suffered a miscarriage. So, for a short time, she goes a little astray to deal with the pain but the media inflates her wild behavior. Then for the next 5-6 years spends her time volunteering her services and withdrawing a lot of money from the father who knows he messed up in his relationship with his daughter. Yet, he tells nothing about the heroine to the hero, only that she had an abortion. Are you kidding me????!!!!! How can you not tell the difference between a voluntary abortion and a spontaneous abortion???!!!! Not to mention that when you got those medical news, why didn't you run to your little girl to offer your comfort when you had done so well in "protecting" her from the dangers. Not only that, his lack of telling the hero of what amazing volunteer work the heroine is doing and allowing him to think the worse of the heroine!!! What is he, ashamed of his daughter dedication to bettering other people's lives???!!! So, the heroine goes to see her father after talking with him last month and thinking something was wrong. Unfortunately, she is right because she just walked into the funeral reception to the hero's angry glares. It's been eight years since they last saw each other and definitely not a happy reunion. The hero accuses her of many things of causing stress to her father, draining him dry to sate her expensive tastes, aborting their child, and being a selfish woman. Now, the heroine has debts with only the hero to help but he has his conditions: get pregnant with his child in order to replace the one she aborted. The heroine agrees with a few conditions of her own like working at the family company. Now, as the hero learns a little more about her; he learns that she's diligent, team player, hard worker, and speaks several languages that are Asian and African. He starts acting decent with her and they go at it. As time goes on, he realizes the flaws the father did in raising the heroine from not being interested in her life had made her a very lonely person. Then the heroine becomes pregnant but is scared about miscarrying and she has no one to talk to about it. She thinks the hero is only caring for her because she has a child coming her way. Then hero can tell the heroine's mood worsening and she maintaining some distance from him. Then they have a huge fight where the heroine learns the hero thinks she aborted their child but the hero doesn't believe her, describing how her father told him. He then has her placed under house arrest and on leave from work. The heroine finds a heavy box with her name on it and full of everything she ever gave to her father. She also finds the clinic papers. She tries to go to the hero but suffers a fainting spell and ends up with a high fever. When the hero hears about, he actually takes a moment to think about everything and figures out he's in love with her. Once the hero arrives at the clinic, he finally learns about the heroine' volunteer work and what the money was for the kids who lost her parents. When he comes back home, he finds the proof of the heroine's miscarriage and realizes what a jerk he was to her. He comes in and proposes to the heroine on one knee. He apologizes to the heroine for everything with a I'm sorry twice. It was alright but I wanted to see a little more groveling and tears. He asks for a second chance and she gives it to him.

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What a pig! 2  2

That stupid man doesn't even think to look into what she was actually doing while she was gone. Instead he makes up stories in his mind! Ugh. What a pig. At least the art is nice.

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