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These aren’t the memories Lorne thought she’d make on her vacation.

While Lorne was on vacation in Spain, she was robbed. Fortunately Francisco, who was in the vicinity, had the presence of mind to save her and, since she was injured, he offered her care and hospitality, too. But she feels unwanted and can’t relax, so she declines his offer. Meanwhile, despite his reservations, Francisco is beginning to find himself drawn to her. Although they have feelings for each other, Lorne can’t get over the way he looks at her, as if she were unwanted—what happened to make him this way?

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fairly nice 4  4

The hero runs into the heroine who's running from goons and the fact that her Spanish boyfriend cheated on her with their friend. She twists her ankle and he takes her home to bandage her ankle. Once there, the heroine and the hero have the strange bond with the hero wanting to develop a relationship but always seems to end up backing away. The heroine is curious about her mysterious knight who seems to hide many secrets. The days he's gone gives the heroine the chance to look around and figure out what kind of a person he is. She learns that eight years ago his entire family, staff, and a business associate were killed in a yacht fire that he was supposed to be on but wasn't. The hero does fly into a rage on the heroine's behalf when he learns her ex-boyfriend was Spanish and cheated on her. I found it interesting that the heroine could see right through the hero on a number of things he would say or try to gloss over. Things get more intimate as he becomes her personal guide to show her the beauty of Spain. She challenges him on everything from putting put a façade to being honest. We finally have that big obstacle where she reveals that her knowledge of the incident. He flies off the handle then purchases her a flight ticket to go home because she's opening his heart when he wants it to be shut. Then he gives her the details of the incident: he gave his brother the assignment to speak with this business associate as well as taking the yacht as a display of power. However, he cancelled his visit there in order to be with a woman for a bout of coitus. The hero feels immense guilt for destroying his family and the heroine states that none of it is his fault. In the heat of the moment, the heroine confesses her love but he rejects her. So, she leaves in a hurry with the hero chasing after her once he learns she's gone. It's an emotional moment for the two with him opening his heart and confessing his love. It ends happily with a picture of the hero and heroine with their children.

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