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Alone in a strange place, Calli can’t be sure who to trust.

Calli, a busy pâtissier, finally takes a long vacation and goes to Gallinas Canyon in New Mexico. But her vacation starts badly when a drunkard hits on her at a bar. He keeps bothering her until a man named Gabriel intervenes. He seems dependable, but there’s still something about him that makes her nervous. Still, having no one to turn to, she asks him to show her around. She soon starts falling for him, even believing it was fate that he was there to save her, but she can’t quite get close to him. Gabriel, on the other hand, has his own reasons for saving her…

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it's old but it has a fresh take 4  4

The storyline is the same old with the heroine falling in love with the hero who's been hired to protect and he falls in love with her but can't follow on his feelings. However, I felt that the whole approach with the valued pastry chef and New Mexico was a good one. The heroine is a valued asset as a world famous pastry chef who's taking a vacation to become ore experienced since she lived with nuns and then culinary school as well as working 24/7 on working her way to become a world famous pasty chef. Unknown to her, her recipes that she takes with her everywhere have made her a target for rival companies. So, a bodyguard is hired to watch over without making contact. Yet, life shows that things don't go to plan and she meet her quiet bodyguard. The hero sticks with the plan of staying close to her and it's quite funny watching their awkward conversations since they don't know how to socially communicate. It was funny and cute but things get scary for the heroine when she finds her hotel room utterly trashed. She ends up on staying at the hero's goat farm. It's the next funny thing with the hero and heroine continuing on their awkward conversations with the hero's friend acting as the middleman. The friend is going crazy with how it's so clear that the two hold feelings for each other but they themselves can't see it. So, he becomes their fairy godfather by making them dress up and go to dinner. The hero opens up about his life from losing his adoptive father then getting taken in by another man. The heroine does the same too with her orphan life in the nunnery and things get hot to the point where they have coitus. Unfortunately, the hero doesn't believe he can be with the heroine because he's not the right man for her. Basically, thinks he's not worth being with. The heroine is on cloud nine with the hero but things take a turn for the worse when she overhears his phone conversation about being her bodyguard and thinks the coitus was part of the job description. She confronts the hero and he's honest about his job. So, she leave brokenhearted with the hero feeling miserable. The friend finally shakes some sense into the hero to go after the heroine. He finds the heroine and asks for her forgiveness but she immediately pulls him in for a hug. Their reunion was very sweet and the hero asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes. I loved how the ending went for them with the wedding and the third person coming in.

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