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A story by New York Times bestselling author becomes a comic!

This is her punishment for hurting the one she loves…but it may be more than she can bear.

Haley’s mother always treated her coldly, and by the time she was eighteen, the only support she got came from her boyfriend, Mack. Her parents forbade her from seeing him, so the night of her graduation, Haley and Mack sneaked away from a party together to spend some time alone. And then tragedy struck. They got into a terrible accident on the drive and Mack was gravely injured, putting his future in jeopardy. His family wouldn’t let Haley see him, so she left town, thinking she’d never see him again. But ten years later, something will bring Haley back to him.

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So, the hero and heroine were a high school couple those families couldn't stand each other (mostly because of the heroine's mother) and were forced apart when the heroine graduated high school. It's quite horribly that the heroine had such a horrible mother (I mean, I believed that this mother was in the top ten of horrible mother ever written under the publication brand of harlequin) and nobody did anything about it. The heroine's father was such a pushover about it and the brother was the woman's only happiness and you won't believe that skeleton in that closet. So, when the hero and the heroine are driving, the hero's brother comes driving after them in a heated blaze. Why? It's because he hates the hero with fury over the hero being better than at him and that the mother told him what that she saw the hero and heroine getting into the car. Now summary of what happened: brother rams his car into their car, causing them both to crash, when they get to the hospital but the brother dies, hero's chances of playing football professionally is ruined, and the heroine gets blamed for the whole thing. I mean, the mother called her a hussy in front of everyone in the hospital and blamed her. Now, two funny things happen: 1) everyone like the heroine's father (the horrible jerk slapped her hard) believes the mother's word even though they all know how horribly she treats the heroine & 2) nobody seems to use forensic science on the whole incident. I mean, of course that both car are going to be trashed and beaten up but anyone with forensic knowledge of accidents or someone who knows cars as well would know that if one car crashes into another, that they leave paint from their car onto the other car. Plus, if you read the preview and saw that the brother crashed into them from the corner of the hero's car. Wouldn't that make an interesting strong point in defense of the heroine but people would rather believe rumors than facts! So, the heroine leaves town since she's practically being chased out of there and doesn't come back. Ten years later, they gets a mysterious letter to inform her of her father's death and the funeral date. She has no idea who sent it but comes to the idea after very hard thinking that it was the mother. She goes back with a lot of courage and meets some ugly faces. She also finds out that it wasn't the mother who sent but she gives the woman the last word who collapses at the truth. If this review gave me a chance to paragraph then I would give two on the mother. So, the heroine unexpectedly runs into the hero who welcomes her with open arms and that he believes in her. How? After his mother's passing about some months before the heroine's father's passing, he was going through their house and found the large amount of letters that the heroine sent him that his parents kept from him. Once, he realized that she never abandoned him, he went searching for her. He found out about the whole incident with the father and found her address where he sent her the letter about her dad's death. So, they revive their love and more. They also go through of why the mother bears such a grudge against the hero's family and discover that it began in high school. Apparently, the hero's father and the heroine's mother were high school sweethearts till the hero's mother came to town and the hero's father dumped the heroine's mother for the more pretty girl. Then it's later revealed by the heroine's friend who was there at the hospital at the night that the hero's father was donating blood for the brother whose blood type didn't match any of the heroine's family members blood type. It turns out that the brother may have held a bad seed to the hero but it was the mother with the thirty year old apple tree grudge against the hero's father and any of this family. To be told, I focused a lot on mother because this is a woman who couldn't look in the mirror and realize that all her unhappiness in life was because of her. I mean, she was going crazy with seeing the dead brother and husband who seemed to switch to and fro from blaming the heroine as the cause of unhappiness but the hero as well and that led to her ultimate demise. She couldn't take it that she was the real why the son she loved died and I think it was probably why she lost her marbles and attempted to killing the hero and confessing to the heroine of killing the hero's father and her husband. Her burning rage and jealousy of a grudge is what consumed on the inside like the fire she started did to her outside. After the whole thing is over, the hero and heroine decide to make a fresh start on life.

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