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A story by New York Times bestselling author becomes a comic!

Why does he want to honeymoon with her when they aren’t even married?

Clara has worked for her boss, the smart and handsome Zack, for seven years, but she only realized she was in love with him when he announced he was engaged. She did her best to suppress her feelings for him and help him get ready for the wedding, but when the bride didn’t show, it was called off. Yet Zack doesn’t seem particularly upset. He says the marriage was just a business tactic. Clara is already perplexed, but then Zack says something even more unexpected. He asks her to go on the honeymoon with him in his bride’s place!

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friend zoned hard 3  3

The heroine and hero have been friends for seven years since the day he hired for a coffee shop that grew into a conglomerate with her being in charge of research for their tasty cupcakes and treats. Even on their days off, they would hang out together with pizza and sports. The heroine has fallen in love with the hero but as usual kept her feelings in check. She even bakes his wedding cake to another woman till he walks in on his wedding day to declare the wedding is off. Apparently, the bride jilted him but he still needs a woman in order to complete a business deal with a family man who has ownership of premium coffee beans. This is where he ropes the poor heroine into pulling the wool over the old man's head. The heroine only agrees to it if the hero lets her walk away from the company in order to fulfill her dream of her own bakery and a family. It's a tough choice for the man but he goes with coffee beans. They do the whole honeymoon thing and it stirs up the hero's desires to have the heroine. The heroine is struggling with her own desires as well. Now, they secure the deal but the hero and heroine learn some of the sadder things about each other.The heroine being school wide embarrassed by her date at prom. Then they have unprotected coitus and it freaks the hero out pretty badly. This is where the sad part of the hero's past comes to light. The hero being a dumb teenager who had unprotected coitus with his girlfriend. Now, he dropped out of school to support them and was even excited for his baby but the baby was born premature and died in the poor hero's teenage arms. It's that moment of hugs and cocoa for the poor guy. After their mission is done, they head back home to normalcy but their lie grows bigger when the old man shows up. The hero wants to continue the lie and the heroine lets it go further until they're at a party and her name seat at the OW's name. It's piece that helps the heroine realize what she wants and this isn't it. She tells him that she's the leaving the company but his attempts to keep only keep breaking her heart into small pieces with using a marriage as leverage. Once she walks out of the door, the hero realizes he's losing her for sure and he doesn't want that because she's made a permanent place in his heart. Furthermore, he's finally figured out that he loves her. He decides there's a lot of things needed to be done before he can go to see her. Three months pass by before the heroine gets a package of the hero's homemade attempted and crappy cupcakes and himself. He reveals that he can't live without the heroine because he loves her and confessed his lie to the old man. The man did cancel the contract and the hero is fine with it; he's going to work hard to regain his trust. I loved the hero's speech and the heroine says yes. Happily, the ending does show the hero, heroine, and their baby boy who's covered in his 1st birthday cake.

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