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Hannah has fallen for an arrogant and intimidating man…and he isn’t who he claims to be.

He’s a stranger in the small town where Hannah lives and, boy, is he arrogant! The intimidating and demanding Matthew Granger complains about his hotel room as soon as he arrives. And he still hasn’t said why he’s in town. While suspicious, Hannah cannot forget his black hair or his magnetic eyes. She’s never been attracted to anyone else like this. But the person she’s interested in isn’t who he says he is!

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search for parents and find love 4  4

The heroine is considered the oddball of her family because she isn't shallow and even tries to sabotage her brother from marrying this shy girl because the brother doesn't consider the girl's feelings but more of her family name and the heroine does. However, even surrounded by people who are marrying for love, she has given up after three fiancees. Then she mets the hero who states that he's an entomologist and writer but he is secretly looking for information on his birth parents when he was given a letter from his beloved and loving parents that he's adopted after their deaths. Yet, the heroine thinks he's something else because she found a gun within his coats and his items that include books on murder and serial killers, along with a map of the town has the heroine lives in. She also notices his strange reaction to family names that are similar to Capulet and Montague. The two share a hot kiss then separate until the next morning. Once they are alone, the heroine confronts the hero on his true identity. The heroine thinks the hero is there to steal a job the hero laughs that he really is a writer and is actually the writer of those thriller books she found in his bag that's under a pen name. The hero has information that he's the product between the Montague and Capulet family but doesn't want to reveal anything till he meets his parents. The hero and heroine seem to hit it off enough to go all the way. The next morning, the hero and heroine go to the Capulet house to meet the mother and sister. When the hero sees the sister's hesitation to marry the brother, he pulls her aside to give her courage but the heroine comes to the conclusion that he was targeting the girl all along and used the heroine as a stepping stool. In fact, even the grandmother thinks so. When the hero and sister come back, the heroine slaps the hero and won't even give him a moment to explain. When the heroine and grandmother are gone, the hero's identity is revealed to the mother and only wants the truth. The mother reveals of her forbidden romance with the Montague boy but was confused on what to do when she fell pregnant. The Montague boy said to elope but she didn't and gave up their baby without telling the Montague boy who called her a self-centered coward and ran off to join the army and died in battle. It's only after the sister spells it out for him that he realizes the misconception and tries to straighten it out with the heroine but she won't give their relationship a fighting chance, even after he reveals the real reason why he came. He ties to convince her but she rejects him again and again till he leaves. It's only after a matter of days that the heroine figures out she's fallen in love with the hero but thinks he's with a new lady because of the voicemail left behind. Then she's spotted by the hero who gets her out of the rain and reveals his plans to move to town. The two confess their love for each other and when the hero asks the heroine to marry him for the second time, she replies, "Happily,". It was a nice ending with the kids.

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