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Can he really live without a love or family of his own?

The hotel where Erin works has finally found a buyer…but it’s her old flame and former boss, hotel mogul Cristophe Donakis. She was his devoted worker and passionate lover, but as soon as he’d had his fun, he left her high and dry. Now he has Erin’s back against the wall. He claims he has proof that she stole twenty thousand pounds from the hotel he’d trusted her to manage, and Erin can’t prove her innocence. He says he’s willing to keep quiet on one condition… He wants to spend one last weekend with her!

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alright. 3  3

The story wasn't too bad, I mean there were some flaws that I wished the hero and heroine had addressed. The hero and heroine are in a relationship till the hero fires the heroine for missing company funds. However, it's not the first time but that time, it was a different woman who the heroine was covering for. Her reason was because she was a single mother to two autistic children and needed more cash. Personally, the hero's message came off as him being a total jerk but he was right in not covering it up but she could have been a better help to the woman by finding aid or listing the benefits the company can give her. Covering it up, only made her an accessory after the fact and she got blamed for the second crime. She has a hard time finding a job and discovers she's pregnant with twins. She calls the hero for help but ends up with his mother on the other line who tells her the hero is married and not to call. So, the heroine buttons down and raises her two kids. Years later, the hero comes again and intends to blackmail the heroine into doing his bidding or he blabs about her theft. The heroine has little choice since she is providing for her whole family. She goes with it but stops when they're about to have coitus because of what she holds precious. The hero stops but says some terribly cruel words to the heroine. Then he claims the reason he dumped her was because she cheated on him. She claims she was never at the party because her mother had a heart attack and she was there all night and said who was there. The hero says he doesn't believe her and she drops an entire bottle of wine one his side. Then the heroine gets word that the twins got hurt and she has to come clean to the hero in order to go back. The hero tells the heroine of his life from being adopted to marrying a woman of their choosing who aborted his child and it's why he divorce her. Right then, he acts like the heroine is some sort of villainess who kept his kids away from him to get more. Idiot, if the hero has a brain to think if she were that kind of a woman then she would have told him to get a bologna full of money. The heroine decides to play the part by saying if he wants them to come then he needs to set up a meeting with the woman who was the key witness in her theft. He agrees and they go to meet the woman. They find out that the heroine was framed by a mysterious woman but the hero is still a jerk to the heroine. He realizes what a big mistake he's made and his behavior has been awful. He finally does apologize but he ruins it with how they should get married for the kids. The man doesn't even say, "I love you.". However, the heroine decides to go with since it's not going to get better than now. The hero goes to tell his parents of his engagement but doesn't come back till late. When she finds him in the garden at night, he's drunks because he found out the awful truth. It was his mother who separated them. As the heroine comforts him, he reveals that his mother was worried that he wouldn't marry and deduced the heroine was the obstacle. When he told them about their engagement, the mother slipped about the heroine being a thief. Then he told her the heroine gave birth to his children and she spilled everything. When his dad and him were shouting at her and she collapsed. The woman gave a better apology to the heroine than the hero did with tears and confessing what she did. The heroine forgives her and we skip to the wedding. The hero finally says I love you to the heroine and she says she wonders if it's true. I was surprised he was so flabbergasted when he literally told her to marry for the children. He makes a lovely speech of how much he loves the heroine and how hard life was without her. She accepts his confession of love and they make a new start on their relationship.

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