Passion Romance WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS...

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I love you, even if you’re a monster. My blood and my life are yours.

Las Vegas, the city of dreams. Evie is vacationing there when she meets Nick, a wonderful man with beautiful eyes. Both of them feel that their meeting is fate and they share a passionate night. But Evie leaves without saying a word to Nick, afraid she’ll fall for him despite the fact that their relationship has no future. Two months later she realizes she’s pregnant, and in order to protect the baby, Evie offers Nick a fake marriage with an expiration date, all while hiding her feelings for him…

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each star for a dumb thing 2  2

I rated this story for each dumb act had a star taken off and in the first two was in fifty pages, it lost it first star. The first star was lost because of the heroine's dumb brother shouting at her for throwing water in a man's face at a public dinner. It seemed like he didn't care that she was being sexually harassed or even assaulted under the table. Here I thought men of good stock protected the women in the family! The heroine was merely defending herself and he acts like he's going to lose the next election, I bet you dollars to doughnuts that the brother would have gotten more votes from the women if the brother had done some justice. Now, he tells the heroine go hide out for a while till everything dies down and she decides to go to Vegas. There she meets the hero and have a fabulous time but she drops him like a hot potato and comes home. The woman doesn't even leave him a note. Then she finds out she's pregnant and she does something I didn't see coming. I mean, I have read my fair share of harlequin comics with hero giving the baby contracts to the heroine for her sign and the heroine's was terrible. So, she contacts him out of the blue, tells him he's going to be a father, and wants him to sign a marriage contract. The summary of what she said *I count off my fingers*: 1) the marriage is only for the heroine's family because she doesn't want to disappoint them 2) she doesn't want to damage the family name or image 3) the contract stipulates a divorce, something the hero didn't know 4)she's using the hero as a form protection not marrying him for love 5) their time was a casual fling (what a blow to the hero). The hero only agrees to it because he doesn't want his child to grow up with the heroine and the heroine thinks, "I hope he doesn't think poorly of me....I need to explain things properly," Well Geez all Friday, Lady!!! You didn't sit the hero down and talk it out with him, you basically threw a contract in his face and made him feel undervalued! She only gets it afterwards but instead of trying to fix the miscommunications, she tries to run away but the hero catches her. They have a Las Vegas wedding and head back to the heroine's home where they face the angry brother who acts like such a jerk. He compares a hard worker as someone in need for money in a negative tone. That was another star lost because that's what a lot of people do!!!! We work hard to get the money we need to pay for stuff but they necessity or luxury. Despite everything, the hero and heroine actually start developing a relationship and the hero opens up about his past. The hero is a product of a poor man and rich woman who left them. Afterwards, the hero's grandfather fired the father, which pushed the hero in some of the poorest parts of the city. It was awful and that was a big breakthrough for the hero to open up and the heroine swears she won't abandoned the hero. Sadly, as things move forward, the heroine suffers a miscarriage. The whole thing pushes the heroine to leave the hero when she said and suffer alone, forgetting that the hero is also suffering as well. Both people are encouraged by friend and family to go back to each other. The two meet at their special spot and confess their love. They also tear up the contract and have another wedding and in the end: we get a cute kid. There were some parts that were okay but some just had to lose a star.

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