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Even after eight years, the playboy is still just a playboy.

Secretary Mary took a deep breath as her boss introduced her to a new business partner. It was Logan! Eight years ago, he dated one of her close friends—Florentine. But one day when Mary went over to their house to see Floren, he suddenly kissed her! Mary was repulsed by his behavior and vowed never to see him again. But after spending time with Logan during a business trip to Paris, her feelings begin to shift. Before she knows it, they’ve kissed again! But when Mary tries to express her feelings to Logan, he responds with the cruelest words.

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Would have been better if the hero was more of a jerk... 3  3

INCLUDES SPOILERS: JAB's criticism was spot on. The hero had so many opportunities, and the story would have been much better if he had just been more of a jerk to the right person. The hero starts out as a well-rounded jerk, but his personality and interactions with the heroine get better as the story moves along. It really is a nicely paced and believable story right up until the ex shows up, and then logic takes a dive. I mean, come on, the man was a player in his youth. He has shown himself a master of manipulation. Exclusivity? Jealousy? Female expectations? There is no way he can't know what a girl expects and thinks in these situations, and yet - when his ex shows up - he hands control over to her and pretty much lets her pick the tune and make him dance to it. In fact, in one case he dances to her tune quite literally. with the heroine standing right there! I mean seriously! How it SHOULD have happened... Hero is talking to heroine. Ex approached saying he should show off how good a dancer he is. Holds out a hand. Hero agrees and ignores hand, addressing heroine instead. Next panels show hero and heroine on the dance floor. But is that the way it happens? Nooo! And then the hero wants to know why the heroine is upset??? Really??? I mean, granted the artist makes it clear by his body language he's just tolerating the ex's attention, but why would he tolerate it at all? Yes, he's trying to keep the 'door' open for the ex to be a mom, but he is also supposedly actively wooing someone who actually cares. And by the end of the story, there is no indication that the ex won't be coming back to repeat the performance next month. If we had just had one 'come uppance' scene at the end to send the ex off in a huff, it would have changed the satisfaction level of the whole story, but sadly, that scene doesn't exist.

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Distasteful story 1  1

I never give a 1 star before but this story is so horrible that is what it deserved. Im not sure if the actual novel is as bad as the manga, but the story is too choppy that i cannot follow the flow sometimes. The two MC met in college for like 10min, and he was just kissed another girl. Then, he flatly said that he like her. I dont even i understand him at all. And when they met again in the present, he was already divorced and has a child. What i couldnt understand is the fact that his ex wife could come and go whenever she likes and do whatever she wants, and still the Hero tolerated everything. I just couldnt feel any chemistry between the two MC, couldnt even understand why they fell in love with each other in the first place. And thats why 1 star is all it is worth it.

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get the OW out of house before you bring a new one in 3  3

The hero and heroine met in college when the heroine went to confront the hero on cheating her friend but gets drunk from drinking tea (with brandy). Word of advice: never offer a person a drink with alcohol unless they consent to it. Then she finds out from both hero and the friend that it was the opposite but still holds the hero in contempt and they don't see each other for eight years till they come together for a project. The heroine thinks the hero has forgotten the time and is married. She only learns that he's been divorced for four years, six months after his daughter was born. The conversation is brought up when the heroine worries about her cat, which the hero offers his home for the cat to stay with the daughter. When she brings the anxiety over small spaces like cages cat to his home, she meets the sweet girl who suffers from a lot of health issues from birth: hole in the heart, distorted spinal cord, and malfunctioning kidneys. Apparently, the little girl's mother isn't involved at all. Then they move on to working hard on their project but they take a break to learn more about each other. The hero also opens up about how he really wanted to date the heroine back in college and asks for a second chance. When they get home, they find the hero's ex-wife and I don't understand the hero's thoughts from then on. The woman is a leech and the hero doesn't kick her out because she's his daughter's mother and can deal with her clamoring all over him, he just becomes stiff as a statue. Yet, she doesn't even look at her own daughter, which makes sweet child feel unloved and no good parent wants their child to feel that way. Plus, if the woman was half smart then she would have gotten to the hero by actually paying attention to her daughter who she ignores for 1/2 the time or gives nasty glares the other half. She also actually thinks the hero would still be attracted to her after what she did to her own child. Shoot, the poor girl can tell that her mother hates her and that only lessens her confidence of good self worth. I wanted to kick the hero to kick the woman out of house with a restraining order to never be closer than 100 feet away from him and his daughter. He has the legal evidence to do it and make the woman sign over her parental rights but he doesn't do anything!! For example, the day that the daughter was born, the OW and her parents told the hero to institutionalize the daughter and forget about her. They rejected the child in front of the doctor and the nurse. I bet dollars to doughnuts that any judge or jury would rule in the hero's favor. The only shield the hero uses is the animals that the OW absolutely despises and he has them surround him. One of the reasons this isn't a four star is nobody dumps a pot of slop on the woman's head. The next morning, the OW is gone but comes to one of the business parties dressed scantily that she attracts the heroine's boss; poor man has no idea she's a Venus fly trap. It's the same thing as back at the mansion with the hero not saying no and I just want to say, "There's no problem with saying NO to the witch!" Then the hero reveals the daughter isn't his and that the OW was only after his money and he loves the daughter has his own. The heroine rejects his advances because she's so confused about everything. When the project is over, the heroine takes her cat home and finds the hero in the bushes. He tells the heroine that the daughter's back surgery went well and she's starting to walk. Then the hero asks the heroine to marry him and she accepts. It was a nice ending but I feel like the lack of closure of the OW being out of their lives didn't make me feel good.

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