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A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!

Will Trinity’s true love slip through her fingers again?

Trinity was reunited with her first love, Zahid, at her brother’s wedding. She never thought she would see him again. Zahid was her brother’s friend and prince of the desert kingdom Ishla. Ten years ago, she fell in love with him and they kissed, but then he returned home and she never saw him again. After her brother’s vows, she has the chance to see Zahid again, and she is full of fond memories and happiness…until she overhears that Zahid is to be married!

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3.5 romance in the palace 4  4

The heroine gets word of the hero who she once held a candle for with is coming to her brother's wedding even though the two men haven't seen each other in seven years. She remembers asking him to take her back to his country seven years ago but he declined without ever knowing the true reason that he finds out when they are reunited. We get a background on the hero and his association with the heroine's family of an incident at school involving drugs and money that the heroine's brother admitted to when the hero was implicated but the hero could see the lies the boy's father was powdering on about how the heroine's brother wasn't the culprit but only did it to cover for the hero. He also sees that among the boy's family vain and selfish people was the heroine with a heart of gold. The hero gets a in depth look of how the heroine's parents are true parents at all when he sees the heroine being tense with her uncle. Then after drunk singing at her brother's reception is when the hero sees the heroine suffering from a nightmare. He finds out the heroine was sexually assaulted by her uncle when she was a teenager but everyone took his side and her parents covered it up because the man was a huge politician. Disgusted by the news, the hero whisks the heroine off unable to leave her at the hands of the people who cared little for her wellbeing. He realizes that was what the heroine was asking him to save her from the uncle's leering eye and feels an immense sense of guilt but the heroine assures him he didn't know. The heroine asks how the hero's fiancee and learns the whole thing is a political marriage. Then then heroine asks the hero to make her love and he complies. Luckily, the heroine's major in art history gives her a good excuse to be there and the hero's father accepts her for work, much to the hero's displeasure. Once the hero and his father are alone, he asks the father to end the marriage but the man won't because of how important the marriage is and that the heroine is unfit in every sense. A month passes by and the heroine learns of her pregnancy and the hero's care. Unfortunately, their hug is seen by the King who encourages the heroine to leave of her own accord, especially having she finds out that having a child out of wedlock is considered the greatest dishonor for the hero. She puts on the mistress act and has the hero send her away. Unfortunately for the father, his plans only turn the hero into a husk, into the man the father once was when he lost his wife. So, the father opens up about why he wanted the hero to have a no love marriage because of what happened to him when his wife died but seeing his son without the woman he loves isn't what he wanted. The man tells the hero the truth and the hero goes after the heroine. The two confess their love and the heroine reveals her pregnancy to the hero who happily picks her up in his arms. The hero asks the heroine to be his wife and she happily accepts. The ending goes well with the hero's fiancee being fine with the whole thing because she had someone else she was in love with.

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