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How did wholesome Daisy end up in a playboy’s bedroom?

Daisy has never had the chance to fall in love before because her father is always watching her like a hawk. But a trip to Las Vegas might just be her chance… With her bodyguard at her side, she goes to a nightclub. The next morning she wakes and finds herself with Luiz Valquez, a renowned playboy! She remembers when he asked her to dance the night before, but she also remembers declining his offer.. So how did she wind up in his suite?

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it was good 4  4

The heroine escapes from her bodyguards that her bossy father pushed onto her, despite 26 years of age. The man even tries to control in Las Vegas that is a vacation she paid for all herself to enjoy with friends. Goodness man, it's not like she's going to hit every male stripper bar. When the heroine and her friends evade them, they head to bar where the hero who's the world famous polo player is at. The heroine catches his eye and he invites her to dance but she rejects him. He asks her to wait but he also warns the women to watch their drinks because bad men have been spiking them for you know what. Then the hero catches the heroine being carried by another man looking very drugged. He quickly rescues the heroine from what could have been a date rape and the man getting his member sawed off by the heroine's father for raping his daughter. He takes the heroine to his room to let her sleep off the drugs but the drugs get her hot enough to strip off her clothes and encourage the hero to come to bed with her. I was thankful the hero was smart enough to tell the heroine no and watched over her to make sure nothing bad happened. When morning comes and the misunderstandings are cleared up, the heroine realizes the hero is actually a gentleman, despite his claims he's not. However, when she takes a step out of his hotel room, she's bombarded by reporters and their flashing cameras. Frightened by what her father would do, she conjures up a lie right out of the air that she and the hero are engaged. The whole marriage thing makes the hero feel revolted after watching his parent's marriage fall apart from his mother's greediness and seeing his brother getting left at the altar the first time. The heroine is able to see right there that the hero is afraid to love but that sleuth thinking doesn't seem to come into play afterwards. Now, when the father calls and has private conversation with the hero, he makes threats using the hero's brother but the hero only takes half the secrets seriously because it was concerning his brother but he was only going to spend a day with her. Then the hero asks the heroine for her help because their engagement has reached the news of a sponsor who wasn't big with doing business with the hero till he heard of the engagement with the heroine who's the teacher to his child and has heard nothing but praises about her. So, he asks the heroine to extend their fake engagement for a month and she happily agrees. However, the hero makes the condition that there will be no coitus between the two. He does this because he doesn't want to risk angering her father but she makes her intent known to seduce him. She goes all out with the skimpy bikini and all and the hero gives in. The hero also opens up about how selfish his mother was and only came into their lives when they got rich and famous but was a total *curse word* to the hero's brother's wife over her disabled leg. The hero starts picturing a future with the heroine and realizes that he's fallen for her but her words make him think he's only temporary and nothing more. Then the big bump comes with the hero offering her the position of his mistress but she rejects and leaves. Then she finds out from her father about the threats he made to the hero and thinks the hero was only with her because of the threats. This is where I don't think she understood the hero and the father. If the hero had actually heeded the father's threats then he would have never given into the heroine's seduction even when he made the condition that they would not have coitus. It's because he knows that protective fathers will threaten any man who even make attempts of having flings with their little girls no matter the age. Now, the hero tries to contact the heroine but she shuts him out and when he goes to see her, she blows him off. It also didn't help that the man said he made a hotel reservation for the weekend for the two of them because she thinks he's back to offering her the position of mistress again. It takes a talk with a friend for her to realize the hero's actions were him wanting to be with her and since their break up, he hasn't had a picture taken with a woman since. I personally found that impressive because paparazzi couldn't find any. We skip to the hero who's distracted before the match over the heroine but gets a surprise visit from her. She asks the hero if he loves her and he replies yes. Happy over his answer, she jumps into his arms and we get a very sweet ending with him winning the match and the trophy for her.

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