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Ever since Princess Anya of Inbourg divorced her cheating Formula 1 race-car driver husband, she’s been the target of the paparazzi. When she received threatening letters at the palace, her father, fearing for her safety, hired a professional bodyguard from America to protect her and her son. This fearless and talented man’s name is Reeve. But his mission is top secret. In order to deceive the eyes of her enemy and the citizens of Inbourg, Anya and Reeve must act like a couple in love…

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quite pleasant 4  4

I found this harlequin of princess and bodyguard to be a pleasant read. The heroine is a divorced princess who's worked hard to regain the trust of her people after her horrible marriage and divorce from a car racer but threatening letters and more recent attempts made on her son's life push her father to pressure her into having a bodyguard(hero) who becomes her boyfriend for cover. The hero and heroine do have a bit of a hard time connecting due to the heroine feel her father doesn't trust her, the workload of a princess, expectations, dealing with a ex-husband who's been a real pain, and a good mom to her son. However, the hero compliments the heroine on her hard work and assures her that she has regained her subjects' trust as well as love. He also opens up about his past of being a soldier from South Dakota and her being weak is nothing to be ashamed of because it's a human thing and she's more strong than she thinks. I liked the hero more when he chased the ex-husband off who was clinging on the heroine for more money. The threats get only worse when they talk about killing the boy and the whole thing leads the hero, heroine, and her son to spend time together. The hero prepares the boy what to do in kidnapping scenarios like code words and hiding well. The heroine trusts the hero enough to talk about her marriage that started because she was a vulnerable young girl who just lost her mom and the ex-husband freed her from the sadness. Her father was against their marriage but she went through it without him but learned of what a terrible partner the ex-husband was with his infidelity and how he treated her as an accessory rather than a person. The ex-husband comes in again with acting all forgiving to the heroine leaving him and wants to marry the heroine but she bluntly rejects his proposal and slaps away his hand. Right then, the hero comes in with proof that the ex-husband has been in cahoots with a fan and a group of very bad men that have been sending the heroine the threatening letters in order to pressure her to remarry the ex-husband and pay back his debts. The heroine punches the husband and has the guards escort him off the premise but it doesn't stop there. A couple of weeks later, the bad guys come barging in to kidnap the son who is able to escape and hide. When the hero looks for him, he uses a password in order to tell the boy it was safe. The ex-husband had no idea on the attempt and it gives the heroine the perfect opportunity to pay off the man's debts in exchange of staying out of their lives and not going to the media to fabricate some poppycock. Right after, the hero and heroine confess their love for each other and the hero asks for the heroine's hand in marriage. She happily accepts and we get a very sweet ending.

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