Passion Romance THE SHEIKH'S WIFE

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She thought she’d managed to break free from her desert cage, but she was mistaken.

“Our divorce was never finalized… You’re still my wife.” When her ex-husband, Khalil, suddenly appears on her doorstop one day with those words, Bryn can hardly believe her ears. It’s been three years since she ran away from her husband, the ruler of the Middle Eastern kingdom of Zwar. She’d never gotten over her culture shock, and her days there had felt like a nightmare. She’d finally gotten out and started a life of her own…so what is Khalil doing here now? Laid bare by his seductive gaze, Bryn starts to tremble, terrified that he might take her son away from her.

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I can see why 2 and 1 stars 1  1

This story couldn't be better even if you had a chocolate chip cookie to sweeten it. I mean I didn't like the hero, the heroine, the cousin (actually the half brother), and the hero's right hand aide. The heroine meets the hero and they have a passionate romance with a wedding to tie it all up. The hero takes the heroine to his country where there's such a cultural difference that the heroine is at a loss of where to go for socializing and such. She suffers from culture shock and the hero's no help because he's always working and being the King. In her loneliness, the heroine meets with the hero's cousin who's all nice and makes it easier for her to transition till he attempts to rape her. The hero catches them and drags off the cousin but says nothing to the heroine. The heroine doesn't know what to do and is afraid of her own husband of what he might do her. So, she runs back to the States, finds out she's pregnant, and gives birth. She raises the little boy for two years till the hero comes back with all the demands of how she's kept their son from him, how she's a woman who lies on her back for free, and such. He makes her suffers by stealing away their son and after much questions on her part of where's her son that he "allows" two days for her to "visit" her own son. Here's why I couldn't like the hero because his accusations had no grounds whatsoever, only based on the past mistakes of his mother (the affair that resulted in his half-brother). He held no investigation of the heroine's life in the States like how hard she had to work in order to support herself and son without his help. How, she didn't have much of a social life outside of being a single mom whereas he called of the multiple men she must have slept with. I didn't like the heroine didn't tell him upfront of what her hours as a single mom were because it's 24-7 job, making it hard for her to see meet with friends. I wasn't even pushing her to be honest on what happened that night because like her, I doubt the hero would have believed her. I couldn't like the cousin because he may have taken some of the bitterness from his childhood of being outcasted and "forced" to live in the shadows but don't blame the hero for the mistakes the grownups of their time made as well as the fact that the man was an adult who made stupid decisions like kidnapping the son. Now, that was real stupid only to be knocked down by the fact after the kidnapping and rescue, the hero believed the cousin's lies on how the kid is his when the man just kidnapped the boy and shown his true colors. The next person I only half liked was the hero's aide. Here's the real kick out of the whole thing: the STUPID AIDE KNEW THE TRUTH OF THE HEROINE'S RAPE AND SAID NOTHING!!! His idiotic reason was to protect the hero's family's honor from this. I would have said this to the dumb aide: "You let an innocent woman be your scapegoat in order to preserve your master's family's honor. The same woman who made your master happy; the very man who you probably swore an oath to serve and protect believe a miserable lie that led him to be miserable as well as unfair for two years. The man whose brother you let get off scot free for most likely your country's laws like attempted rape on another man's wife." The only saving grace was after the kidnapping was the aid finally telling the hero the truth and that the hero needs to get his monkey-wrench checked! The hero goes to the heroine, asks for her forgiveness and she gives. We have the happily ever after with my cookie still bitter. I just couldn't like it all.

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