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The morning after my boss held me…came the harshest words

Kit, a skilled secretary, goes to a company party and shares a passionate night with her boss, Alex. The next morning, she goes to work in a good mood and gets called into her boss’s office. Kit anticipates a continuation of their sweet time. However, instead she gets Alex’s usual attitude and these cold words: “I regret what happened last night. I'm never getting married or having kids.” Emotionally damaged and heartbroken, Kit quits her job to forget about Alex, but she eventually finds out the reason behind his coldness…

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3.5 It's still a work in progress 4  4

So, this was a bit of an unusual harlequin but in a good way. It's the usual of boss/secretary who have hot night but it ends with the boss wanting the secretary to forget that night and the secretary ends up quitting because she found out she's pregnant. The hero of course has no idea and goes after because he can't bear to lose his precious secretary. He sees her at her newly bought and very depleted house. She's surprised to find the hero there and tells him she's pregnant. The whole thing puts the hero in a panic attack that frightens the heroine who takes the hero into her house. Then signs of the house rotting and the heroine getting a fever has the two pipe down. They find out the heroine has a kidney infection, which is common for pregnant women to get and the hero states that he'll be staying with the heroine because he can't leave her like that. The next day, the hero opens up about his panic attacks that stem from his last marriage. The hero was married and had a child that he loved with all his heart. Yet, the wife disappeared with the child and the child's biological father, leaving the hero to deal with the mental and emotional pain that triggered his panic attacks. The poor hero knows that part of it was his fault for neglecting his wife but he was really hurt by the whole thing. Then he offers up his services to strengthen and repair the house for the heroine as a way helping her. The two are still attracted to each other but they are afraid to act upon their feelings based on past events. The heroine also opens up about her past with a father who would only see because he was being paid by her mother; that is harsh. After some time passes to where the house is nearly completed, the hero suffers another panic attack when he talks to the same child at a party and had one when he met him earlier. The whole thing has the hero believe that he will never overcome this obstacle and pain. He tells the heroine that it's impossible for him to be a father. The heroine calls him out on his cowardice and his actions will only have his child feel the way he did when his parens died. The heroine orders him out of her home and he leaves for a quiet spot. He's then found by one of the neighbors who tells him about how a painful experience of becoming an alcoholic after losing his son. He only got through it because he remembered that he had a wife and other children waiting at home for him. He tells the hero that it's painful to face but facing it will bring you closer to a sunny day. Encouraged by his words, the hero runs back to the heroine and asks her to marry him. He admits that his panic attacks will take time to overcome but he doesn't want to leave this child behind. The heroine states that she and the child will wait for him and we go to the end on a good note. I liked this story because the illness didn't magically disappear but there's commitment to overcoming it.

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