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A serious girl like me is getting played by a playboy!

Denise, a prim and proper accountant, gets asked by rebel Mike to go out to dinner. She finds a good way to surprise Mike and changes out of her usual plain clothes into a sexy dress. But he comes to pick her up on a motorcycle and takes her to a pub. It seems that he shocked her more than she shocked him! “I’m not compatible with people like him after all,” thinks Denise. At the same time, her heart won’t stop thumping after being embraced by him in his leather jacket… She never anticipated such a life-changing romance!

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It's a must read!!! 5  5

I loved this harlequin comic so much!!! It was fresh, fun, sensible, adventurous, and more. In summary, the heroine works for her father who she has a strained relationship with but keeps working to the point of having to take two types of medicine on a daily basis. she meets the hero on accident and their first meeting is funny. She leaves behind an important key that the hero picks up and uses a leverage to get the heroine to go out with him on a date. Now, the hero and heroine are opposites in the career field as well as some other things. It gave a fun look to see biker man with snarky accountant. Their date was something else but it ended on a short but hot moment. Now, the two are resisting the heat between one another till the hero can't take no more and goes to see the heroine. They are unable to deny each other and end up in bed that's blissful till the heroine gets a voicemail from her father and goes back to her usual self. That is until the thought of her being pregnant pops up and the heroine and her are waiting together for the results. Their time together was fun to read and enjoy. A positive results has two very different reactions to the whole. From there, I loved the hero because he's guy who balanced it all well. He did propose to the heroine, which she rejected because of her own parents' bad marriage and he complied with it. He worked on what fit with the heroine but I also liked how he stood his ground against the heroine's ideas on what marriage is because as he stated before, there are different marriages. I also liked how he pointed out the flaws in the parent's marriage and supporting the heroine in her fears that their relationship won't work. I liked the heroine being the cynical one and figuring out what she needs to put first and what to fight for. The whole thing goes well with the big bumps that separate our two for a while. I especially loved what that the heroine and her father finally have a confrontation and a talk about his marriage to the heroine's mother and his side. It was so good and sweet. I loved the party with the hero wearing the suit and short hair but the heroine throws herself at him with the declaration that she wants his long hair and leather jacket. The ending was no less than great with the cute kid. I definitely recommend this story to rent or buy.

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