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He’s scorned her ever since her childhood misadventure…and now they’re coparenting!

Eight years ago fifteen-year-old Lissa made a stupid mistake in an attempt to rebel, just a bit, against her strict parents. The results were disastrous. It made her parents think she was a harlot when they saw her her lying in bed with a boy. And her brother-in-law, Joel, was with them! Since then, she’s done her best to avoid him, but now Joel and Lissa have been appointed shared guardianship of their nieces after the sudden death of the girls’ parents. Seeing Joel after so long, Grace trembles at the cold, scornful look in his golden eyes.  

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Misunderstanding 3  3

Both of the character of the story has a very an behaving or root childhood which is not suited for the child and distal carry the marks from the childhood to adulthood as he doing few years ago when she was a teenager in the partition wood cot ine indecent matter sleeping with a person and his or her this opinion of his brother-in-law with his parents when she was caught and again and again story of cubes of being a loose women again and again love story and she has made opinion about it she does not lose it she doesn't Rebel against him there is a lot of misunderstanding between both of the characters as they don't understand each others feeding.Penelope Jones was born on 24 November 1946 in Preston, Lancashire, the eldest of three children born to Anthony Winn Jones and his wife, Margaret Louise (née Groves),She had a brother, Anthony, and a sister, Prudence. A keen reader from childhood, her mother would leave her in the children's section of the local library while she changed her father's library books.Her story-telling career began at the age of eight when she began telling original bedtime stories to her younger sister. Jones married Steve Halsall, an accountant, who died of cancer,predeceasing his wife. They did not have children, but she had a bakers dozen of assorted godchildren, nieces and nephews.March 1979, she published her first novel under the pseudonym Caroline Courtney, Duchess in Disguise, the same year she published other 4 books. From 2003, she returned to writing historical novels as Annie Groves (she adopted her mother's maiden-name. Jordan gained much of her inspiration from human interest stories in the news as well as her own family history. It's a good story confusion lot of misunderstanding both of them shareit childhood with each other they have to Nushrat each other the feeling suddenly changed which leads to work hard and strong relationship

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*Sometimes it’s pride. Other times it’s a total lack of it that’s the problem.* 3  3

JAB has an excellent summary, but you may find a few SPOILERS in here too. Ah, pride. The destruction and hindrance it can cause, or in this case, perhaps the total lack of it. I was so frustrated with the heroine. She’s been put down all her life. She’s been accused of being something she knows she not all her life. She knows what everyone thinks of her, but that doesn’t mean SHE HAS TO GO ALONG WITH IT and ACCEPT THE ROLE! So many times she is accused of being a loose woman, but rather than putting up even a token protest or even a vague attempt at defense, instead, she flaunts some skin or tips her head and spouts, “What of it?” Now I know the argument is that she knows that no one would believe her, but there is a difference between knowing you won’t be believed and actually PERPETUATING the lie. And why, when asked about London, did she need to lie? Wouldn’t, “I had nothing to wear,” been an honest and emotionally ambiguous enough answer? And I understand her transferring emotions from one person to another, but to the degree of altering the events of the evening entirely? ...of forgetting who actually took her home? Not saying it’s impossible, but it felt like a stretch. Sometimes it felt like the author didn’t put enough thought into the scene and just expected the reader to let it slide, or maybe the artist had to cut some corners in the adaptation. Having not read the novel, I can’t say. That said, I still liked the story despite the aforementioned issues. I think the art was a big part of that. I rented this tale on sale, and while I would not pay full price for it, if it came up on sale again for the right price, I might consider it for my bookshelf.

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3.5 they share a childhood 4  4

The hero and heroine share a similar childhood of being hated by their parents for ridiculous reasons and suddenly find themselves the guardians of their nieces when the only relatives in their families who loved and cared for them (heroine's sister and hero's brother) along with the heroine's horrible parents die in a plane accident. Now, the heroine thinks that the hero despises her because he was with her father when the awful man made a ruckus at a party she was at. She only realized at the end that she twisted those memories because she didn't want to admit that her own father was about to beat her but the hero saved her from him. Before this happens, the hero suggests that for their nieces sake, they get married and the heroine agrees after much resistance to the whole idea. Before and after the marriage, the hero and heroine learn about each other as well as the good points that dismantle the image of person the other had. It was nice watching them bond through the good and the bad and I enjoyed it.

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