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Can Donna trust Marcus when he says he wants to love her?

She’ll throw away her past with him and be reborn! Donna, who finally was able to open up her dream tea room, celebrated at the restaurant owned by her former lover and benefactor, Marcus. She wanted to get rid of her feelings to begin her new life. But Marcus’s sexy voice once again lit the flame of love in her heart. After their painful breakup nine years ago, she thought the past in which they loved each other had been erased. But Marcus was pressing for a reconciliation with the words, “I want to love you”...!

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3.5 bad start but worked its way up 4  4

The heroine comes to the hero's hotel, looking for a job during the Christmas season. She only lies about her age and her mother's job and he hires her on the spot. The two grow close and start to develop feelings for each other. Then comes in the hero's leech of a brother comes back. The heroine is taken in by his friendliness and lets her two little lies slip. Unfortunately, the man uses it as blackmail to coerce more money from the heroine. Now, by this time, the hero and heroine have a wonderful first night but it ends badly when he finds out she lied to him and is fired from her job. The hero was more upset about her lying to him then what her secrets were. Now, after nine years, the heroine is opening a tea room across from the hero's hotel. It's a success and the hero comes when it's closed because he wants the heroine. they have contraceptives but those only work 97% of the time. So, the heroine tries to keep it a secret till she can figure out what to do but she does tell the hero when she's halfway through the pregnancy. He doesn't take the news well, even asks who's the father. Then it's a fight over parental rights and stuff but the hero wants to be involved even thought the heroine shut him out. Personally, I'm surprised the heroine thought she could hide her pregnancy from her staff that has a single mother in it. The hero invites the heroine over for dinner and expresses his concern with the amount of work she does that might her pregnancy then list two solutions: she moves in with him or he moves with her. The conversation goes well till the hero says custody. She goes to confront the hero the next day but ends up fainting. The heroine is ordered by the doctor to remain completely on bedrest. So, the hero moves in with her and helps with everything, even managing the tea room. Now, I liked watching go through the awkward phrases of living together and finding common ground then watching their romance rekindle. I loved the ending and how the two confess their love after their cute baby boy is born. I definitely recommend this book for reading.

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