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Why had she bound herself to a man who didn’t love her?

Meghan left her hometown to work as a waitress in Italy. One day she was at work when the wealthy Alessandro came in for lunch, and she immediately caught his attention. Having experienced a tragic relationship in the past, Alessandro sensed something familiar and comforting radiating from her. They spent some more time together and then he unexpectedly proposed to her. They were joined in a loveless marriage. But why? And why had Meghan agreed to become the bride of a man who didn’t love her?

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The hero and heroine are victims in their own story. The heroine unknowingly had a relationship with a married man who was obsessive and controlling to the point of abusing her then made her look like Hester Prynne from the "The Scarlet Letter," to their whole town. The whole thing made the heroine run off to Europe where she's been backpacking it through. She meets the hero who saves her from her lecherous boss and gives her a place to stay. There are some bumps with the hero's rude friend and the rudeness prompts the heroine to leave, which prompts the hero to ask her to marry with the notification that he won't love her. The heroine does accept his agreement but can tell that there are keywords that affect his mood negatively. She sees that the distance relationships with people like his mother and friends. Plus, she isn't dumb to let tidbits of information that she hears from other people about the mysterious man she married. She concludes that it had to do with his brother's death by car but can't scratch anymore. Then she decides to trust the hero with the whole truth about her previous relationship like the abuse. The hero accepts it and comforts her in her pain. Both she and the readers can see from his words and actions that he's a man in deep pain who needs help and she stays by his side to give him relief and support to be more open. Even when she's targeted by one of his spiteful exes, she doesn't flinch. When she gets the information on the rumors that the hero was arguing with his brother the night of his brother's death, left together, and he was the one driving the car and ended up with no injuries but his brother died. Rumors popped up that he killed his own brother to take over the company. The heroine gets now why the hero is so tense but she doesn't believe the woman because the hero didn't judge and she is a smart enough woman to know of the inconsistencies with the story. She surprises the hero who thinks she'll leave him now that she knows the truth. She makes him sit down and tell his side. The hero tells her that his brother had embezzled company money to fund personal investments that failed. When the hero found out, he went to confront the brother who was already stressed out and fled the place with the hero CHASING after him. They argued in the car and the brother said that's my plan and the hero rammed the passenger side into the tree. There's the lie the heroine caught and she tells the hero that it he said he chased the brother and how could he if he was in the driver's seat. It means that it was the brother who was driving and the hero switched sides in order to take the blame to protect his brother. She holds the hero close and comforts him, even with the information that his brother who was an artist would also paint a plant whose color matched the hero's eyes. It meaning the brother loved the hero. It's very sweet ending and I do hope that the truth will come to light for the hero and his family to mend their broken bonds as well as the heroine and her family.

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