THE MISTRESS ASSIGNMENT (Sweet Revenge/Seduction Series)

Romance THE MISTRESS ASSIGNMENT (Sweet Revenge/Seduction Series)

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THE MISTRESS ASSIGNMENT (Sweet Revenge/Seduction Series)

Will Kelly find love on the road to revenge?

Shop owners Kelly and her best friend, Beth, live in a lovely, historic town. But when Beth is deceived by Julian, a marriage swindler, she falls into a deep despair. Furious, Kelly gets together with her friends Anna and Dee to plan their revenge. They will spread a false rumor that Kelly has inherited her nonexistent great uncle’s inheritance and then Kelly will seduce Julian right into their trap. So Kelly dresses to the nines and attends a party, where she’ll reel Julian in. Everything goes well until Brough, the brother of Julian’s new prey, begins to suspect Kelly and kisses her. What will happen to her revenge now?

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When I first read it, I found that two members had given different star ratings for this harlequin and it made sense of why one would give this book a four star and the other a one star. I had both positives and negatives towards this book and decided to give it a three star. My negatives were that we were left on somewhat of a cliff hanger. It's because when we begin, we have four women on a mission to get revenge on the guy who brainwashed & swindled their best friend then made her look like the perverted stalker to their small village. The poor friend was so embarrassed by this development from the man who proposed to her that she left town to recuperate. So, the four friends know the guy's type and set out to trap and destroy him. In the end, we only see the guy get chased away by the hero when he's attempting sexual assault on the heroine and that's it. For the reader who wants justice immediately, it's annoying to read the whole book and not see Karma played on the guy. However, it can't happen yet because we have four other women (including the victimized friend) to have their own little happily ever after before we get justice on the bad guy. The second negative was the bad guy's thinking pattern. I hypothesized that his air balloon of an ego stemmed from a mental illness of the mind or he was one of the rare cases of human stupidity at its worst. My reason is that he actually thought he could make the heroine who's pretending to have inherited a lot of money (It's his type and it's actually how the heroine and the hero meet because the guy went after the hero's sister but her cash is in Fort Knox security that he can't touch.) his own woman and give her money away so easily. He never stopped to think she would be against him because he knew her since she was friends with his last victim and even manipulated the victim against the heroine when she spoke her mind against him. Not to mention that she would take her friend's side when he made those false accusations. Oh well, at least watching his ego deflate in the end will be worthwhile. The last thing for me is the heroine never telling the hero why she was making moves on the bad guy in the first place. It's just something I wanted the hero to be notified. Moving on to the positives, I like how the heroine was sticking up for the guy's date when he was treating her so horribly. The poor thing was brainwashed by the man too but she luckily meets a man who appreciates her true worth and treats her like a lady and a woman. I also liked the hero's perception and level headed thinking because he can clearly see the heroine is trying to flirt with the bad guy but also sees that she's concerned for his sister. It's that kind of perception that many of the heroes lack and jump to the wrong conclusions. I liked how the hero and heroine develop a personal and fun relationship when they are working together. It makes me feel at ease and able to enjoy the plot of their progressing love. I also liked their confession of love to one another with holding each close and baring their hearts open to each other. In the end, the book was a decent read to me with its ups and downs.

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