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She’s been avoiding him for the past ten years, but there’ll be no escaping him now.

Ten years ago, Tegan was an innocent young girl when she was mistakenly accused by wealthy banker Kieran of deceiving his friend. She’s been avoiding Kieran ever since, but now he’s commissioned her firm to renovate Raintree House, a project any interior designer would dream of. His overwhelming presence arouses her now even more than it did a decade ago. She finds him obnoxious yet can’t take her eyes off his awe-inspiring good looks. Their reunion has awoken a fate that’s long been lying dormant.

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He takes ten years to act on love at first sight? 2  2

SPOILERS INCLUDED: This was really a twisted little story with someone else's flirty boyfriend and a jealous drug addicted sister and some ill-advised BBV (Bed Before Vows) thrown in to provide some misdirection and conflict. Supposedly it's'love at first sight' for our couple, but since the hero's friend has him convinced she's heartless for dumping a guy in a wheel chair (and calls her a gold digger, but if she was, wouldn't she have married the guy?), so he threatens her and they part ways for ten years until her work drags her back into his presence. Now, I realize he's working off his friend's input, but he indicated his friend is not the only one she's strung along. I'm always amazed when we have these supposedly media savvy millionaires who continuely believe media and rumors without looking into anything further just because they want to use ignorance as a shield. So when they meet again he continues to spew the hate, but slowly changes as he works with her. He starts being friendly and then amorous, but never addresses their past one way or another (beyond saying let's just forget it. Yeah. Right. Ten years of anger forgotten in a day? I doubt it. And just how does he expect to explain it to his "dumped" friend?) so nothing is ever cleared up, and then he gets mad because she doesn't trust him. He threatened to make her pay back then. His sister, who knows him so much better than the heroine does, says she's not his type and provides a believable motive for him to seduce her. He's never asked her side or indicated she's forgiven (for what she didn't do), so why is she supposed to suddenly display unconditional trust just because he got friendly. I think the heroine should have brought her past up and made herself heard early on, but she didn't, and he just irritated me. By the time they meet again he had given his irrational position more thought and came to the right conclusions, but I thought it was sad that she had to seek him out rather than the other way around (although his assumption was not an unreasonable one - maybe he was planning on later?). The final conversation was nice, but we never did get to see a wedding, and that was disappointing. Glad it was a monthly.

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two sides of a story 3  3

The hero believes his friend who states that the heroine broke their engagement after playing around him due his wheelchair bound infinity state. He had no idea that they were just friends and his friend tried to force her to marry him in a manner of speaking. Yet, who are you going to believe, friend or stranger? In fact, the whole thing starts a decade long rumor that has the heroine suffer for because all the bad eggs thinks she's just a cold gold digger man-eater. Not just the rumor but also the hero's long standing hate over the woman. They meet each other again when the heroine has little choice in taking over a friend's project for interior decorating when the friend has to go to the Middle East for work. The hero right on the spot fires her then later on after finding out she's in charge. Later on, he catches her alone when they reunite at a party and her date said some really dumb things similar to the wheel chair bound man. The hero had done research on the heroine that showed her to be capable and well liked at work and with clients. So, he lets her back on the project until her friend comes back but her return is delayed when the heroine hears trouble in the Middle East. The hero does give the heroine insider information on the Middle East for the heroine, despite his cold demeanor to her. Now, this is a big turn in the book that would have been easily solved by both parties if they pushed it. The hero asks the heroine to forget what happened between them and regretted what he said since she was just a teenager at the time. He doesn't ask for her side of the story but wants to move on but that's a double edge sword, especially for the other who has a different story. It's because while the other person is given a chance to start afresh, there's going to be that lingering doubt of distrust that holds them from having faith in the person like the hero. Plus, this was a perfect opportunity for the heroine to tell the hero her side but she doesn't and we have more problems ahead. The two get closer and closer but they are obstacles in the way from not just themselves but other people like the hero's younger sister who's a recovering addict; though she has a full committed and loving boyfriend, she keeps going back to the hero and demanding more and more of his attention. I mean, she verbally attacked the heroine when the two were alone not once but twice. One was before the heroine engaged in coitus with the hero and after. I mean right after because the sister comes barging and went right after the heroine because she sees the heroine as a threat who will take away the hero. the hero tells the heroine the sister grew up in an unloving environment and turned to her addiction and has been having a hard time getting off. When the heroine is alone, the sister comes in and lies about the hero only going after her to protect her from getting involved with the sister's boyfriend. The heroine believes the lie after the sister reminds her of the wheel bound chair friend. She takes off running but the hero can't run after her because his sister is in a fragile state. Later on, he goes to see her but she accuses him of doing what was said earlier. The hero leaves angered that the heroine believes the sister's words over his but not before dishing out cruel words to the heroine. Then after some days, the heroine gets word the friend is back and safe. She learns from the friend that the hero personally went to the Middle East to bring the friend back. The heroine is encouraged by her friend to go after the hero and she does. When she sees the hero, she apologizes and he pulls her in for a hug. He finally asks for her side of the story ten years ago. The heroine tells him that she was just friends with the wheel chair man, told him herself and wanted to keep it that way. Yet, the man bought a ring and printed their engagement in the newspaper for all to see without asking. Her mom found it and came to support her because the heroine was frightened by the man's threats. When they were finally able to get through that she wasn't marrying him, he started cursing her out. From then on, the ending was okay but there was no apology from the hero to the heroine for not taking a moment to hear her side. Then what the heroine said about not trusting herself because it was really the hero she didn't trust.

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