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I want to bring the light back into his dark, closed heart!

In the same collision that killed her mother, Dana’s face was scarred for life. To cope with the pain and suffering, she accepts a live-in nursing job for a temporarily blind man. Gannon has been swamped in anger since the day he lost his sight, but Dana’s determined to bring the light back into his dark, closed heart! And once his heart awakens, who knows what future it might find?

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a better Florence Nightingale 4  4

It's bit of a Florence Nightingale nurse kind of thing but a little more better. The last few months of our heroine's life have been traumatic with her alcoholic mother declaring that her father (who recently divorced the mother *can't imagine why*) wanted her to be aborted when she was in the womb to being in a car crash caused by her drunken mother that not only killed her mother but scarred the side of her face with a long scar. The whole thing is so bad that she plans to quit her job as a nurse at the hospital till the head nurse gives her an opportunity of being a live in nurse for a friend's stepson who recently became blind. Now, the hero is a wounded beast from the whole matter because like the heroine, he was in a crash caused by another woman (his fiancee at the time) that caused him to lose his eyesight and her (look at that, every cloud has a silver lining) and his manners towards others. In fact, the heroine learns that the man has gone through more than four nurses with them leaving in tears or a huff. However, she doesn't cower from his harsh words but fights back with even more harsh words to get him to do things like eat outside, take walks, and adjust to the life of a blind person. It's a tough road but the two connect deeper than nurse and patient but two souls who have been hurt. They have a few bumps with the hero being jealous and possessive over the heroine when the brother (who isn't a womanizer nor a bad brother) comes along and rude words from the hero has the heroine almost quitting and him allowing it. The two start forming on a deeper level as the obstacles like the hero's sight returning drops to zero. They fall in love so deeply that the hero proposes marriage to the heroine and she accepts. However, the big obstacle we call the OW comes into play and she forces herself between the hero and heroine. Then the hero falls and his eyesight returns to him.That's not the worse part; the hero allows it and makes the heroine go away and she does because it's what the hero said. After the heroine leaves, she goes back to work at the hospital and reunites with her dad. He states that the mother lied and he wanted the heroine in his life. It's a very nice for the heroine but the heartbreak is still fresh. Then she sees on the hero on the news who looks depressed and curiosity of why he looks so glum when he is with the OW pushes her to go after him. She goes back to the hero and learns that he was never in love with the OW but with her but he didn't want to constrict her to a life of nursing him since his eyesight could disappear again and worse things. So, he didn't want to put her through that life of living with his words, "a ticking time bomb,". In a short version: the heroine states that she doesn't care about that and she confesses her love. The hero confesses his love and they proclaim to never let each other go.

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