Romantic Suspense MADIGAN'S WIFE 2

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He’s scorned her ever since her childhood misadventure…and now they’re coparenting!

Murder witness Grace was being chased by the killer, and the only one she could count on to help her was her ex-husband, Ray. Ray, a former police officer turned private eye, had decided to become her bodyguard, but Grace was having second thoughts. It hurt her to see him every day and have to pretend she no longer loved him—she must never tell him the truth. But while Grace is busy thinking about Ray, the killer is hot on their trail! The finale to this romantic suspense story is here!

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suspense and rekindle love 2 5  5

In continuation of our story, the heroine's boss has suddenly piped down on all his inappropriate comments and the heroine has no idea why but is glad of it (the hero came and threatened him). Now, this is where the hero and heroine are narrowing down the three suspects to have hired a professional killer. The heroine then recognizes a picture that proves who the killer is and that he's not to be taken lightly at all as the FBI are having trouble nailing him. So, they have his picture put on TV and it lights a fire under him who starts making plans to tie up all the loose ends. This is also the sort where the hero reveals some private stuff that he didn't tell the heroine like his reason for becoming an undercover cop in the narcotics department was because his sister went a party where they had and she overdosed on her first time and his leaving the force was because he struck a reporter who was all in a grieving mother's face when she discovered her drug addicted daughter's murder on tv. I agree with the hero that his only regret wasn't getting another punch at the guy. Later on, they go to a party where they become confused about the behavior of their three prime suspects that don't seem to match and an attempt on the heroine's life is made. They come to the idea that there was a fourth suspect but by they find him, he's been done in the same way as the victim. The two try to stay hidden safely but they're called out of the hotel when one of the hero's other ex-wives (has the relationship that of a friend, even asked him to give her away at her wedding) calls out of fear. Yet, it's a trap and a shootout occurs. They catch the culprit but the heroine gets shot protecting the hero and he sees her side of having to deal with the drives to the hospital when they were married and he got shot on the job. She lives and when she wakes up, the hero offers her a job and his heart. It's quite a romantic ending and I liked it.

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