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I love him so much, so why can’t I tell him the truth?

Harriet works as a management consultant in London. At the request of her childhood friend Tim, she’s been pretending to be his girlfriend for the past three months. Then she runs into his older brother, James, a successful architect with devilishly handsome looks, who also happens to be her first love. One day, he comes to check on her in her time of need, and as one thing leads to another, old flames burn bright once again. But how can she tend the flames with James and still keep secret the hidden truth behind her promise to Tim?

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What a dumb title!! 3  3

You know, I would have given this another star had the title been on the mark instead of being hit out of the ball park of not even being relatively close to the content of the story. When I read the book, I thought it was going to be one of those secret pregnancy things or what not but not the heroine or any of the female support characters were said to be pregnant. I read the book twice to find out the word pregnancy even once and I didn't find it. Why would the author put the title of the book, "Unexpected pregnancy," when there wasn't even a pregnancy stick in it. It would have made more sense to say, "Unexpected Twist" or "Unexpected Secret". Those would have fit better considering the big secret at the end that was and wasn't unexpected. It just ticked me off and that is the end rant. To summarize, the hero and heroine know each other because the heroine is friends with the hero' younger brother. There is a significant age difference and the friend asks the heroine to be his pretend girlfriend for three months due to reasons explained at the end. Then the heroine meets the hero who want to discuss business and learns of the heroine's new title to his little brother. Then a burglar pushes them closer with the hero having the heroine stay at his place and love starts to bloom. In fact, the hero gets insanely jealous when he sees the heroine out on lunch with another man (her boss) and pulls her away. The two are find themselves alone unexpectedly when brother leaves and the heroine finds the hero at their vacation. A fight breaks out between the two and true feelings as well as passion burst out. They end up having a hot night but the brother comes back and asks the heroine to keep her promise and not knowing what the promise is nor will listen to the heroine, the hero says some nasty things and leaves. He only learns at his brother's wedding to another woman that the heroine was covering for brother to keep his relationship with the OW a secret lest her manipulative dead husband's investigator found out she was breaking the term agreement. The heroine is about to leave when the hero stops to apologize and reveal his true feelings to her. The heroine returns his love and the two decide to get married alongside the brother and his bride.

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