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How can I be so attracted to someone I hate so much?

Olivia is taking on a big project for her company, renovating a historic mansion at Ramillies College. The opportunity is too good for her to pass up! But she soon discovers that their current client, Ludwig, is the same person who evicted her and her grandfather from their beloved home nine years ago! Despite hating him to the core, she is steadily taken in by his devilishly good looks and magnetic personality. In this unavoidable reunion, will she be able to take control of her feelings and seek revenge on the man who ruined her life?

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A legitimate misunderstanding 4  4

SPOILERS INCLUDED: Here we have a legitimate misunderstanding. The heroine grew up with her grandfather, who was a butler serving an elderly noble. Not having family, the noble doted on the heroine and when she was old enough sent her abroad to school. When she returned, she walked in on appraisers assessing the mansion's goods for immediate sale. The noble had died, her grandfather had been forcibly retired to a nursing home, and she had been left with the family crest ring as a memento. The new owner, a young man who was blindsided by his inheritance of a run down mansion and its financial responsibilities out of the blue, was feeling quite stressed and she found herself on the receiving end as he delivered her ring and then drove her out. She collected her grandfather and moved away, seething with hatred for the young man who drove her grandfather to drink by firing him and selling the only home she could remember when he should have been proud to inherit and cherish his heritage. Fast forward several years. she is an interior designer with a growing reputation and she is contacted to redesign the interior of the mansion which has been transformed into an art school by none other than the callus young man who killed her grandfather. Can she set aside her desire for revenge long enough to do a professional job for the sake of her business? She actually does admirably well in desiring to do the late noble's mansion justice and maintaining her animosity despite being attracted to to the hero. And it is clear the hero is interested in her... or at least in playing with her. And then she finds out that her grandfather's alcohol problem began BEFORE the hero inherited. That frees her up to be attracted to the hero, but heroine has some some serious questions as to how serious he is, especially when his secretary's brother's makes a point of letting her know that the hero and his sister are an item. The climax comes after the hero claims a kiss before sending her home one night, and the next morning she hears on the radio that the mentor who helped him save the mansion died and she rushes to be by his side only to find his secretary already comforting him. She flees, but the hero finds her car on the property and seeks her out. After a chase he finds her, their positions identical to the first time they met, and he's hit by deja vu, and then he sees the ring. She cringes, remembering how harsh he was, but he's delighted. He's been wanting to apologize all these years. We get explanations and confessions, and two hearts looking forward toward the future together. This wasn't an exceptional story, but it was enjoyable. I liked that the heroine was strong and independent, and the hero was honest. There was also some OW drama, but it wasn't over the top. On top of that, there was no bed before vows. There weren't even any close calls. Their relationship was built the tried and true way, and RL statistics indicate that it would likely last longer because of it. Lastly, I really enjoyed the art. I rented it, and I'm glad I did.

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