Pure Romance LOVE BY PROXY

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After her birthday kiss misses the mark, Amelia loses her job!

“Happy birthday!” At her best friend’s request, Amelia shows up at millionaire Worth’s party dressed as a flamboyant dancer. But all the partygoers are silent… She’s still wondering why Worth didn’t react to her surprise kiss when he kicks her out. To make matters worse, he’s involved the police, which gets Amelia fired from her job. She hopes to never see the emotionless CEO again, but destiny has other plans!

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Good but a few issues 4  4

Ok so agree with the previous comments, I like the heroine. But why did the restaurant call the cops? Wouldn't she just be asked to leave? Also they're "revenge" on the restaurant was going there to eat? Yeah great revenge by giving them money! Why didn't the hero just buy the restaurant and fire that hostess who called the cops?! or file a lawsuit!Those were my pet peeves.

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three time miss before touchdown 4  4

There were three times the heroine donned the belly dancer outfit. The first time was intentional mistake made on purpose by her friend's boyfriend who wanted to prank the hero who as the heroine described him as a tuna when kissing his cold face. Then she is found by the hero who went to the friend and lied about falling in love with her at first sight when he is going to blackmail her into doing the same thing to the friend, except that it'll be at restaurant where the friend's mother will be. The heroine has little choice since the threat of him sending a male stripper to her workplaces hangs over her head but ends up getting the names of the restaurants mixed, gets escorted out in a very horrible fashion that has her face plastered on both television and newspaper for all to see. This includes her boss who fires hers and the hero tells her that he's not at fault nor needs to take responsibility for her mistakes in getting the names mixed up. Truthfully, I agree that he's not at fault for the mix up in names unlike the band of ladies who pressure him but I agree with the heroine's friend that he's only responsible since he lied to the friend that he fell in love with the heroine. So, the hero gives the heroine the job of being companion and helper to his very active and fun grandma. The heroine learns about the hero's past of losing his parents then later on his brother and after that, his girlfriend (grandma said it wasn't much of a loss when it came to that woman) that he's closed off to the concept of love and women. The grandma said that the OW manipulated the hero so much with giving her money luxury items but never really taking care of him and she wanted to move him away where she could have complete control over him. So, the grandma faked a heart attack in order for the hero to truly see what a nasty woman she was. My guess is that woman didn't say so much as a word of concern for the grandma and that ended their relationship and she married another rich man. The heroine has a bit of a funny story with being "engaged" to a man in her town who's been only a childhood friend and the only reason why they been in engaged for more than three years is because people in town have been pushing them to get together. However, the heroine has been living in another city for three years and I feel that their engagement is as good as dead but she's still saying it's alive. However, the grandma is set on setting the hero and heroine up. Although, she doesn't need to do much because as the two spend more time together, they get closer. Then the hero has the heroine take the title of lover when the OW comes back with her husband who's working with the hero on a huge dream project. The OW starts making all these kinds of phone call threats to the hero about how she'll convince her husband to pull out of the project and such. So, the heroine dons the belly dancer outfit and goes to the husband with a recording of the wife's threats in an effort to help the hero but it backfires with the husband completely backing out of the project. The heroine is horrified and the whole thing escalates into a passionate that the hero regrets and says he'll take responsibility. His words hurt the heroine and she goes back home to marry the other guy. The hero doesn't see or hear from her till months later when they're at their friends' wedding reception. Imagine his surprise when he finds the heroine back and pregnant with the news that the other guy married another woman. So, he invites her to live with him and asks her to marry him and let him be the father to the baby because he loves the heroine and can't imagine a life without her. Her response: your baby says yes, SURPRISE! The heroine didn't tell the hero because she didn't want him to do the responsible thing. In the end, they get married and we have a happy ending. I liked this harlequin comic.

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