Historical Romance A PRINCELY DILEMMA

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Linnet loves her husband, but knows he will never love her back.

The Duke of Severn married Linnet for her fortune. While the sight of her handsome new husband takes her breath away, she reminds herself that it is an arranged marriage, without love. Severn is like a Greek god, and Linnet wishes she were even half as beautiful. Finding her husband more noble and wonderful than any other, Linnet can’t help but desire his love in return.

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marriage issue solved in 24 hours 4  4

The hero and heroine have been married for a month with troubles simmering. The heroine thinks that because of past experiences with tasteless men that the hero only married her because her merchant father who struck it rich will give the hero's aristocratic family the money they need to survive and that he might have a mistress on the side because that's what many noble men in England do. However, she can't act on her feelings because her french noble grandmother taught her not to show her feelings of any kind and the hero is trying to figure the heroine out on how to make her happy because he truly does love her for her and not for money. Plus, he has never even looked at any other women because he loves the heroine and that puts the idea of mistress out of the way. The only reason why they were married in such a quick and an arranged fashion was because the grandmother caught the two of them alone and thought the hero would destroy the heroine's reputation. The hero didn't want that and made his intentions clear that he wanted to marry the heroine. After a month of awkwardness, things start popping up that help the couple work out their marriage. First is the Prince of Wales is throwing a fit over his arranged betrothed, the Princess of Germany I think who smells horrid. It's discovered that she uses the same the perfume as her mother to honor her but it doesn't help her odor at all. I don't know why the man was having a conniption since he had his artist edit his features to look regal and princely when he was whiney and porky. The whole thing has the hero reflect on his marriage, making him wonder what to do. He comes home and the two of them have more awkwardness then their guests arrive with the hero's snobbish mother, his sisters and his brother and one the sister's husbands, and the heroine's grandmother. Now this is what I liked is the hero defending the heroine during dinner because the mother wants to still be charge of the family and tries to pressure the heroine into giving up the family jewels to give to the younger daughter for court season but the hero makes his intentions that the necklace belongs to his wife and his mother doesn't have any say in the matter. In fact, the whole dinner conversation has the hero and heroine think that the other cares for them more than the other thinks. The hero finally gets help from his sensible and bluntly honest sister and brother-in-law of the heroine's big worries are and he goes back to the heroine to straighten things out. The hero tells the heroine that he doesn't want any more formal words between them and wants her to call him by his name when they're alone. He learns her true name is linnet not the french one because her grandmother wanted her to be more french. She finally opens up to him about everything and I loved how it all played out. It was sweet, romantic, and downright touching to the heart. After an eventful night, the hero takes the heroine to see the princess and be her support. The heroine handled herself like a boss with sending the Prince's mistress out in a huff. With her sensible and kind words, she convinces the Princess to change perfume and not to back down from the marriage because she has the power to change things. The hero is able to change the Porky Prince's mind and the marriage is set. The ending is nice and I extremely enjoyed it. I really liked reading this one.

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