SEDUCED BY THE RICH MAN (Reasons for Revenge Series)

Romance SEDUCED BY THE RICH MAN (Reasons for Revenge Series)

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SEDUCED BY THE RICH MAN (Reasons for Revenge Series)

She accepted his proposition because of the money, but soon the stakes would change.

Max’s ex-wife was on her way to try to rekindle their relationship. Max had always been helpless against her charms, so Max and Janine struck a bargain—he would pay her to pretend to be his new wife for a brief period of time. Janine accepted Max’s proposal since she needed the money. But in the midst of their performance, something started to happen. They couldn’t be sure, but it felt like something deep and abiding. Could it be true love?

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3.5 to have a real romance you need to have a fake marriage 4  4

The heroine has gone on vacation with two other women who suffer from the same misfortune of jilting grooms. Unfortunately, the heroine's jilter also took all she owned and she doesn't know what she's going to do. So, she sits at a bar and meets a stranger who she shares a hot night with and the rule of no names to keep it from getting personal. Then the hero finds out that his ex wife is coming and will no doubt give him headaches on his vacation and he needs a shield. Who better to be a shield than the woman he spent an amazing night. After doing some information on her and learning her current financial situation, he meets her again with a proposal to act out his wife in order to keep his ex-wife off him. She rejects the offer till he convinces her otherwise but she brings her conditions and has him write up a legal document. The fake couple go shopping and learn more about each other but the ex shows up like a tropical storm unexpectedly making a real racket. The hero must have been wearing rose-tinted glasses to marry her and that atrocious attitude. The OW makes her intentions clear that she won't loosen her long claws that are sinked into the hero. It gets better because later that evening, not only does the OW show up unexpectedly but the heroine's jilter who's looking for new victims to sponge off comes right up behind the hero. The hero and heroine have a wonderful time together but when the hero leaves for a business meeting, the heroine goes to confront the guy who jilted her. The conversation doesn't go well and it gets worse when the hero discovers sees meeting. He leaves in a huff but when he's about to go back to heroine, he's caught by the OM who lies that the reason he was engaged to the heroine was because of a lie she conjured with being pregnant. The whole thing plants a seed of doubt in the hero, even though the man is already with the OW and probably do the same routine to the OW as he did to the heroine. In fact, when the heroine learns of the developing relationship between the two, she goes to warn the OW. However, the OW doesn't believe anything the heroine says and goes off and we never hear from her again. The hero hears about it from a trusted friend and while it delays the growth, it doesn't die. In fact, it's that doubt that causes the hero to believe the heroine is the actual one lying when she tells him that she's pregnant. He says that she must be lying since she used that trick with the OM. This is after he proposed to making their marriage a real and official but without the factor of love. The heroine rejects him of course because she loves the hero but can't be married to him when he doesn't love her. After hearing him say those words, she gives him a slap and tells him to move on from his disastrous marriage with the OW. They leave on bad terms but then the depressed hero finds the pregnancy test and goes after the heroine. The hero finds the heroine at her floral shop and says that he bought a floral shop for her in London because he wants her to be with him because he loves her and can't imagine a life without her. He also asks forgiveness from his bad choice of words. We end on a happy note for our two lovebirds.

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