Romantic Suspense THE GETAWAY BRIDE

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No matter how close he gets, I must keep running.

Paige had changed her name and appearance repeatedly over the course of two and a half years in order to protect those she loves. One day, while living as Paula, she froze as she saw a picture delivered to her door and considered running away again. After Paige packed her belongings and went outside, there was an unexpected person waiting for her—Gabe! She’d married him two and a half years earlier, and had been running away from him ever since. How had he found her?

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very suspenseful 3  3

If we were rating this story on suspense then it's a five but on romance, it's a 3. It's basically the hero chasing after his wife (the heroine) to learn why she's running. When I mean running, I mean running like the hellhounds are on her tail. The woman just up and disappeared on the poor hero with very little explanation. He finally finds her and after much shouting, persuasion, fighting, and convincing, the heroine tells the hero the truth. She's being hunted/stalked to the extreme by a mysterious individual who's punishing her for unknown reason but has sent her countless pictures of people who have shown her kindness or who she cares about. It doesn't just stop there, she went to and detective about it who tried to help her but he ended up getting killed and the assailant sent her the message that they did it and it's her fault. They didn't even spare the poor stray cat she took in. The hero, heroine, and a friend look back into the heroine's history as to who would do this. The only individual who came up was a college professor who became obsessed with the heroine and stalked her so much that she went to the college board for help. They got him to quietly retire and to stay away from the heroine. However, he's dead and it puts him out of the circle of already no suspects. Then they find out it's the professor's son who blames the heroine for everything. There is an altercation with the guy holding them hostage and about to shoot them but the authorities save the day. The guy is sent to prison or at least a mental institution and the heroine and hero restart on their marriage. We get a happy ending with them together along with their cat and unborn child.

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