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He’d do anything to keep his niece, but is he ready to do what it takes to earn the nanny’s heart?

Jack took in his niece after losing his sister and her husband in an airplane crash. But a month later Child Protective Services decided that a busy man managing a huge corporation wouldn't be able to raise a child alone, so they tried to take away his custodial rights. He didn’t want to lose his niece, so he'll take his lawyer’s suggestion and search for a fake wife. But he can't openly recruit a wife, so he searches instead for a nanny who seemed suitable for marriage. Among the many applicants for the position, one woman immediately catches Jack’s eye…

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felt a little redundant 3  3

It's one of those secret baby stories in a way. The hero has been named as the guardian for his adoptive niece and it's been a rough time for the both of them. He doesn't know how to raise a little girl and she hasn't spoken since her parents' deaths. he has gone through several nannies and he's on the interview for the eighth one. It takes only the tantrums of the little girl to scare the potential nannies except one who sits quietly and waits for the little girl to finish. Her response gets her hired by the hero and they begin immediately in healing the hero. The heroine helps the hero a lot and learns of his broken family that stemmed from the hero's father putting work before family that eventually led to the separation of parents and the hero had to go with his father. Sadly, the father didn't give the hero attention and even put a condition in the agreement that the hero couldn't see his mother till he was 18. Yet, she died when he was contact and they barely had any contact. How it all led to both his sister and him severing any contact with their father. Then the hero is forced to reveal his initial plan to the heroine was not finding a nanny but a temporary wife in order for CPS to grant him full custody order for his father not to. The heroine agrees to the whole thing after listening to his desperate plea. They have a wedding and the heroine opens up about her bad experience that helps the hero better understand her. Then comes the phone call from the hero's father that doesn't go well that reveals the father and sister were made peace and wanted to have dinner today and he apologizes to the hero for his actions. It's very touching and the hero invites him for dinner together. Things go well till to the point where the hero ask the heroine to be his real wife. The heroine resists and then the CPS comes in to do an inspection. They try to make it look good but the heroine's father comes barging in like a bull in a china shop. It's in that moment the hero sees the family resemblance between the father and his niece. The heroine reveals the niece is her biological child from her incident in her teenage years. The hero doesn't take the news well and kicks the heroine out with the CPS official seeing the whole thing. Thankfully, the woman spoke to the heroine beforehand and gives the hero 3 days to fix the situation. The hero sees the mistake he's made and goes after the heroine. Once he finds her, he apologizes for the things he's said and he loves her. She accepts his love and she opens up to the little details to her life story. They go back to the little girl and she speaks for the first time.

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