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The sweet dream of that night turned into a nightmare in an instant…

Sirena was the secretary for talented entrepreneur Raoul, and three months ago, she finally thought her dream had come true when they became lovers. But the next day Raoul called the police on her! He thought she’d stolen money from his bank account. He used to be kind, but when he sues her, his hatred is plain to see. Unable to handle his contempt, Sirena faints the moment the trial is over. When he holds her in his arms, she silently pleads from within her hazy consciousness, fearing he’ll find out that she’s pregnant!

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Little communication: It was a note!!!! 3  3

In this story, the whole miscommunication thing started because the heroine's note to the hero gets blown under the furniture and lost till found. It bugged me that the heroine didn't ask the hero himself about getting a loan for 10,000. I mean, it may seem like chump change to the heroine who knows what the hero spends on his lady friends with dresses and jewelry but it's not just his money but the company's money!! However, what really boiled my beans was that someone who can't afford 10,000 like that, you don't just leave a note because you don't want to wake the guy up. The note clearly stated: "Needs to be deposited at noon." so wake the hero up at 9am to ask!!!! Plus, there was her lame excuse of not telling the court or her lawyer about the note because she admits to stealing the money and should be punished. That note would have proven she wasn't stealing in advance, it was for her sister's tuition, and she left a written statement she would pay it back. Ergo o facto: no malicious intent. Yet, she's turning fangs on the hero for everything. While it's true that the hero went off the wagon on 10,000, it was still money she took. Additionally, we're talking about a college tuition where you need help to pay but there's no such thing as taking a student loan in Australia. All the heroine and sister had to do was apply for a student loan that you don't need to pay until after you graduate then the heroine could ask the hero later for the loan herself and pay off the student loan. It's that simple and quick, especially when you have COMPUTERS!!!! That doesn't happen and we get this whirlwind of craziness. After the heroine is found guilty and found pregnant, she and the hero are able to reach a fragile agreement of DNA testing after the baby is born. The hero does show concern for the heroine's complexion of pasty pale but she doesn't warn him of the risks, just shuts him out. Only five months later, the hero learns from the hospital the heroine has to go into early labor. He rushes to find himself of a healthy baby girl but the heroine in ICU because of her medical history with preeclampsia, lost a lot of blood, etc. She's basically in great danger till 72 hours later wakes up safe. She wakes up to the hero's worn face and begs him not to take her child. Once, she's fully awake, an decision of the heroine staying at the hero's place is reached. She goes back to the house with the head of staff giving her the evil eye for her embezzlement. From there, it's a roller coaster of the two fighting and learning more about each other (well the hero more about the heroine). I did like that the hero kept the matter of the heroine's embezzlement between only his head of staff, the heroine, and himself. He didn't even tell the heroine's coworkers, which was a nice thing. Then there's an issue of the missing diamond bracelet but it's found only after the heroine states she never took it. The hero and head apologize for thinking she did it. It's not until page 75 where the note actually comes up. The hero has the head of staff look since they're out and the man finds it. He tells the hero who feels horrible for everything he did to the heroine. He apologizes to the heroine and she admits that she should have woken him up to ask (Ya think???!!!) However, she doesn't believe he loves her and only did it because she was available. The hero denies it but the heroine doesn't take his word for it. He starts making amends from flying her sister to England to meet the heroine and such. This is where I put the third star in. The big amend was him getting a big award and a speech but he used that moment to praise the heroine and their daughter. They go home where the heroine almost has coitus but his past words haunt. This starts the final climb because the hero thinks the heroine isn't ever going to forgive him but she stays and presses for more talk. The hero reveals his whole no marriage attitude stems from him finding out in college after his stepfather bankruptcy his family with his gambling addiction and death that his father was having an affair with his secretary but committed suicide because he couldn't live without both his family and the woman. They confess their love and fears but decide to take the next step forward in strengthening their relationship. We get the ending page of the heroine and hero marrying with their little girl all dolled up.

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