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Hattie doesn’t yet know the sweet and cruel plans of her wealthy ex-boyfriend…

Hattie’s been taking care of her late sister’s niece, but if she wants to keep doing so, she’s going to need help. So she’s proposed a fake marriage to her ex, millionaire Luc Cavallo. In order to keep her niece away from her nasty brother-in-law’s family, she’s lied about having a rich fiancé, and now she’s going to need to produce one! As Hattie was explaining the situation to him, she was sure Luc would say no, but to her surprise, he accepted her proposal. He even asked her and Deedee to move in with him. All of her wishes immediately came true, yet her mind fluctuated between elation and doubt—has Hattie made a deal with a devil?

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motive disappears in air 5  5

It was a very good romance and well done with how the story was set. The hero and heroine were college lovers but the heroine turned down the hero's marriage proposal and they don't see each for decade till the heroine comes to him for help. Her sister recently died in a car crash, leaving behind her baby niece. The problem is the brother-in-law and his very influential family who want the man to get custody to protect the family image. It doesn't matter that the man was the one driving drunk, caused the accident that not only killed his wife but other people as well........and............he ran away from the accident! I mean, I doubt a sensible judge or jury to be so easy to let the guy have full custody but the heroine isn't taking any chances since it's her niece's well being at stake. She asks the hero to enter a fake marriage with her to protect her niece and the hero agrees to it with a hidden ulterior motive. He wants to get back at the heroine for leaving him and thinks she'll go for the same method of wanting all the fancy and expensive he can give her with his money. The funny thing is that he had a lot of money and tried to give her a bunch of fancy things back in college but she never took to them. However, it looked at though that ulterior motive disappeared, especially when the heroine's drunk in-law forced his way in to intimidate the heroine. The hero handles him well till the police arrive and you can bet that the whole scene will be showed in court. Now the two have their wedding and their honeymoon ups and downs but I really liked how it panned out. They go camping, outdoor grilling, shopping, walking, and basically enjoying each other's company without the whole coitus factor. It's there that the heroine reveals the reasons why she didn't accept the hero's proposal the first time was because she didn't know how to fit into the wealthy social circles then she found out that her father isn't her birth father and that her birth father took advantage of her mother's grief and vulnerability as a new widow and mother when he was married. When he found out about the pregnancy, he not only broke up with the mother but fired her from the company too. The two go back and start being parents and spouses but the heroine is kidnapped with the niece by the brother-in-law. The man has practically signed himself into the nearest penitentiary. Luckily, they survive the crash with little injury and return back to the hero. The whole ordeal has the hero open up to the heroine about his true feelings to the heroine and his first motive. The heroine accepts and reveals that she loves the hero too. With their feelings in the open, the two decide to make their marriage real and we have a great ending. I really liked this story.

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