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Ever since she was a girl, Katie had dreamed of becoming a mother.

Katie had given up on getting married but still desired a child. Since she lived in a small town where all the men are married, her only hope for having a child was to use a sperm bank. Or it was until tall, handsome Jeremiah moved into town. She gathered up her courage and asked him to help her make a baby. The very next day he agreed to help her, but under one condition—that they get pregnant the old-fashioned way…

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normal then fast then normal 4  4

The story for me was good but it was a there seem to be a fast forward midway through the story. The heroine is finding herself in a pickle where she wants kids but her family's genetics have put her on a countdown from her eggs becoming hardboiled. She has the option of going to a sperm bank but she doesn't want it because it doesn't sit right with her of choosing a father donor by number and profile. So, she settles for the town's newest and single male newcomer: the hero. Now, the two are already attracted to each other in personality and looks but the heroine throws the hero for a loop when she asks him to make a baby. The news has him jab his thumb through a fish hook and she rushes him to the doctor who misinterprets the whole thing in a humorous way. I quite liked the hero for resisting at first and being respectful to the heroine like persuading her to sleep in his room and he sleeps on the couch. Later on, after much thought, he agrees but on the conditions that they make the baby the traditional way and he has joint custody. The heroine is given a couple of days to think about it and tells the hero that she accepts the conditions. This is when the fast forward button is pushed, I feel that too much happened. For example, the heroine's mother sends her son to see if the heroine is alright because she didn't answer her phone last night. I understand a mother's concern but the man showed up at the hero's house where they were and I felt like a slow down or a stop sign should have been put up. Several weeks pass by (fast forward) and the heroine gets cold feet because she got her time of the month and is in love with the hero. She's not the only one since the hero has found himself thinking of spending a life with her and figuring out he's in love with her. However, without giving him an opportunity by telling him her feelings, she breaks off their relationship with a lie. The hurt hero leaves for two weeks and comes back to town. He's encouraged by a mutual friend to go after the heroine and when she's opens the door, he sweeps her off his feet and confesses his love to her. The heroine reveals her love to him along with a lie and the big news the she's pregnant. The hero asks the heroine to marry him and she happily accepts his proposal. We fast forward four years later and we see a sweet family of four with another on the way.

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