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Will this housekeeper find love in paradise?

Davina is a woman with a troubled past and a marriage she’d rather forget about. She travels to an island in the south where she gets a job as a housekeeper. When her employer, Steve, lays eyes on her for the first time, he’s caught off guard and blurts out his inappropriate thoughts. He didn’t expect her to be such a beautiful woman. Davina has to wonder what sort of a man he is to have said such things and concludes that he must imagine himself the prince of this island! She slowly realizes that this man has a lot more to offer and that she could all too easily fall in love with him. Still, she’s known charming men in the past and paid the price for trusting them.

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a good tropical romance 4  4

I quite liked this romance with how it played out. Now, the heroine is sent by her housekeeping agency to a tropical island for her temporary boss (hero). Now, they get off to a bad start with the hero's misinterpreted impression he thought he was getting a grandmother rather than a beautiful woman like the heroine who he thinks can't possibly cook and clean. He also learns she's married but the any word relating to husband or marriage is the keyword to having her close off from him. The hero does apologize to her and asks her to take the job. She complies and learns her role is to be mediator and helper for the three women coming to visit him that he has a hard time fighting: his grandmother, his father's second wife (very young wife), and his little half sister. It is family battle that he needs reinforcements and the heroine is the calvary. They do have a bit of time to prepare and during this time, the hero learns the heroine was married but divorced her husband for reasons unknown but he becomes closer and closer with her. He learns from her that she was tricked into a marriage because her husband said that he would financially help her father but he never gave him a penny. Now, the funny thing is that when the heroine is working on breaking the walls down with the three women, it's the hero as well as the other women who work on breaking the heroine's walls down on dressing up again and being confident. I really liked it. Then they go to a party where the heroine runs into a media ferret who's harping on her to come onto his sleazy show in order to get the dirt on her husband since the man did it to her but she rejects it and when he gets too pushy, the hero pushes him out. The whole thing shakes her and the hero takes her away. Once alone, the two talk and fall into bed. It's there that the heroine reveals her whole past with her marriage and how it went downhill with her ex's numerous affairs and she was forced to continue to be his wife when he threatened her with her father. Later, she went through the divorce when she discovered the man was not only bankrupt and a cheater but made a lot of underhanded dealings with which he put under her name. She was only able to divorce him because he didn't know about the diary she kept that showed what was going on. When the hero goes to settle some business manners, the heroine gets threatening mail from the ex and tries to leave but she's stopped by airline that the hero owns. The hero catches her and scolds her for taking her on the burden. Then he states his business trip was to make the man stop from harassing the heroine and advertising he was the victim or he would show the ex's ugly side to the world, destroying the man's reputation beyond repair. It's a decent ending with the hero and heroine confessing their love for each other and the ending was good.

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