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He was gallant and helpful…and her enemy!

Darcy came all the way from London to visit Bindaburra Ranch, a property that her great-uncle left her in his will. On her way to the ranch, her car ran into trouble and she had to walk along the road in unfamiliar countryside in her heels. Just as she was about to lose hope, a man named Cooper came in his car and saved her. But Cooper claimed that he was the owner of the Bindaburra. Was Cooper trying to take advantage of her uncle’s death to claim the ranch her uncle loved?

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Major career change imminent 4  4

SPOILER ALERT: In this tale, our heroine is a small-time actress who has received word she inherited a ranch from her Australian uncle, and so she sets out to see it. Finances and ignorance have her renting the wrong vehicle for the terrain, and when rain hits, she gets stuck. Equally poorly dressed for the weather, she starts walking and is luckily rescued by our hero. As they ride, she discovers that he, likewise, claims to be the owner of the ranch. The hero bought 50% of the ranch and expected he would inherit the rest but it seems the Uncle changed his will without telling. It turns out they are, more accurately, co-owners, each owning 50%. He makes it known right off that she is not welcome, and he’s more than happy to pay her a fair price for her share and send her packing. She is equally adamant that her uncle gave her part of the ranch for a reason and she intends to stick around until she can decide if she likes it or not. The weather backs her up as no one can leave till the creeks over the roads recede, and it is also preventing the other ranch hands from returning to the base, so for the next few days, it will be just the two of them. He tells her she’s not guest. If she thinks she's a part-owner, that means she needs to pull her weight. That means cleaning the ranch house, which her uncle left in quite a state, and cooking on an antiquated stove. Their relationship creeps along in spurts and sputters over the next couple of days as she proves she can work, and he proves he can smile until they agree to a truce before the ranch hands come back. Shortly after the ranch hands return, our couple gets into a big fight that has her storming out of the house and going for a walk in the outback. She tries to pay attention to landmarks, but still manages to get lost, even managing to fall and escape from a hole/cave in a rock wall, until the evening when she’s able to see the ranch lights in the distance. She returns to the hero getting ready to send the ranch hands out (JUST the hands? Unlikely – lol) and he chews her out until she cries, and then takes her in his arm and admits he was so worried he almost lost his mind. The next day he takes her for a ride so she can see the true beauty of the ranch, and they camp overnight. We find out the both have ex’s they didn’t marry, but that left them hurting and the discussion of their past romances leads to getting intimate under the stars. They are getting closer and the hero (with a base level of barely controlled overprotectiveness) lets her drive to town alone to shop. There she meets a neighbor and gets invited to a party. The hero refuses to go and is not happy she has been talking to this neighbor, but won’t say why so another fight starts, only to be interrupted. A family had shown up for their yearly camping trip by the ranch pond and the mom barges in a panic – the youngest kid has gone missing and it’s getting dark. The hero and hands go searching, and as it gets late and cold, the heroine takes food and hot drinks out to them. Ad she joins the search, the heroine just happens to realize they are in the same area where she got lost and checks the cave. Yep. There’s the kid. In the afterglow of the heroine being recognized as a hero, he says she belongs on the ranch and asks her to marry him. Yes, and instead of an engagement ring, she wants a new stove. He agrees to go to the neighbor’s party where she can start meeting the locals and they can announce their engagement. She figures out that the neighbor’s wife is the ex he didn’t marry. He’d been infatuated by her; she was infatuated by his money, but she didn’t like the ranch, so she left for the neighbor who lived a much more up-scale life. Now, this is where I want to give the heroine a swift kick in the pants. While cleaning the day of the party she runs across a letter from her uncle’s lawyer counseling her uncle regarding his partner who has been trying to bully him into selling. She’s shocked. While the hero HAD said he’d do anything to get the whole ranch, she can’t believe he’d bully her uncle, but she does begin to question whether his love is real or a ploy. At the party, the OW takes her away and while the conversation confirms there was another partner before the hero confirming the hero WASN’T the bully, the OW tells a different ‘who left who because’ story that reinforces the heroine’s ‘ploy’ doubts. On their way home, the hero realizes something is wrong and that the OW put ideas in her head. She’s questioning his love and then – out of the blue – is accusing him of threatening her uncle despite just learning there WAS a third partner in the mix. The hero is really hurt, saying he can’t be a partner with a person who thinks he would threaten an elderly man, and the heroine has written off the relationship. She says she giving him the ranch and she’s leaving, and that’s exactly what she does, except the hero insists he’ll pay her for it. The heroine is feeling heartbroken, but justified, as she goes back to London. There her roommate gives her a letter from her uncle that arrived after she left. He tells her who threatened him, how the hero helped him save the ranch, how he would like her to sell her share to the hero, but not before she visits the ranch and meets the hero because he thinks she would like him. She is devastated remembering how she accused and insulted him when she should have trusted him… and how she could have found out the truth if she had bothered to try. She realizes she betrayed him, and she must apologize even though he’ll probably never forgive her, although she might hope he would. She writes a letter giving him the ranch and saying she’s sorry and sets the legality’s into motion. The transfer is completed with him insisting on paying for it even though she refuses to take the money, so it sits in an account untouched and she goes to the park to walk and mourns that she can’t ‘go home’. And that is when she sees him. Her roommate told him where to meet her, and he explains that now that she’s been paid, she has nothing to do with the ranch, she can’t second guess his motives, and he wants her back. The ranch is worthless without her. We get some touching conversation, then he purposes again. She agrees as long as she still gets that new stove, and she gets promised a whole new kitchen and her own 4-wheel drive. We end with scenic pictures of the ranch and the promise that this is a part she can play for life. It was a cute story, and I liked the art as well. It was definitely worth the rent.

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