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Is the playboy’s kindness the real deal? Or is it all just an act?

When a multimillionaire is injured in a car accident, Sam ends up taking care of him. Xander is an international entrepreneur, one of the Sterne brothers and an infamous playboy with shining blond hair. Sam is a single mother who’s survived a tremendous ordeal. She promises herself that she’ll never do something so stupid as falling in love with a multimillionaire playboy. But will Sam be able to keep her cool when faced with his gorgeous body? Her resolve crumbles when his kindness and overwhelming charm shine through…

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help each other face the problem 5  5

It was really a nice harlequin comic with how it went. The heroine is hired by the hero's brother as a live in nurse after the man's car accident. The hero is uncomfortable with the situation and even more so when he finds out she has a five year old daughter with her. The heroine thinks that his distant attitude to her child is because he's the same as her awful, lowdown, crummy, piece of a crummer ex-husband but she sees after the first few days that he's a nice guy around the kid. Plus, their conversations with each other are funny for the reader to read. They also start learning more about each other like the hero learns from his new sister-in-law that the heroine has been suffering some financial difficulties. Then we run into the ex-husband who tries pushing the heroine to accompany him to a hotel room but she says no. The hero and daughter sees them but the heroine lies about who he is. That is until the daughter has a nightmare and the heroine reveals he's her ex-husband. They share a passionate moment but the heroine shuts the hero out and the hero is confused on what to do. Then the heroine gets cornered by the ex who doesn't want her living with the hero and will apply for custody as a form of blackmail on the heroine for her to be his lover again. He bruises her wrist and the hero sees them; he gets the story behind the whole interaction from the heroine after he opens up about being an abused child to his tyrannical father who beat his mother and made his brother watch him do it. He also opens up his fear of turning into his father when he sees parents treating their kids horribly. The heroine reassures him that he's a good person with how he interacts and thinks.The story has the heroine open up her past to the hero The heroine thought the man loved her but he only wanted her figure and an abortion when he found out the heroine was pregnant. Even after the daughter was born, he doesn't even want to see the little girl to the point where the heroine divorced him on the condition he didn't have to pay divorce settlement if he handed over his parental rights. Now, the hero makes plans but spends time with the heroine and the daughter and has fallen for them. Then, he gets a request from the OM who's angry over the hero revoking the membership to the hero's very exclusive and only for the rich nightclub. From then on, the OM is cornered and has to comply with the hero's demands or he'll be ruined financially through legal means on the conditions that he pay the divorce settlement. There's some heat but a lot people (excluding the OM) are able to face their problem and conquer it. However, the heroine separates herself from the hero on the idea that they have no future without giving it a chance. She calls it a mistake and that one word has the hero believe she meant what she said. They don't see each other for a while till the hero mentions that his wife sees the heroine acting strange. The news gives the hero the push to see the heroine and confess his feelings to her. His confession gives the heroine the strength and opportunity to confess her feelings and why she distanced herself from the hero in the first place. It's quite romantic and I found the whole ending to be very sweet.

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