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She’d thought her past was behind her…but Jack had brought it all back.

Esme couldn’t speak when she saw the man who had appeared. The manor she’d grown up in was on the market, and Jack had showed up as a buyer. He was the son of the manor’s former cook, and now he was a rich businessman. Ten years ago Esme had offered herself to him to comfort him when he was rejected by her older sister. The next day, Esme left home. Now they’re meeting again after many years, and Esme has a secret she doesn’t want him to know!

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kinda of took awhile 3  3

So, here's a summary of the whole story: rich girl and cook's son have a liaison but the heroine thinks that she's a rebound since according to her older and queen of snob sister said that the hero was pursuing her and she didn't want a poor boy hanging around. When the truth of the matter that it was reverse: the hero didn't want to hang around her because he valued quality of character rather than the quantity of purse. The hero pulls off this whole, "you're a plaything" to the heroine who's hurt and runs off. The hero's mom and hero are fired because the snob sister can't take the idea of someone rejecting her by her more snobbish mother. The hero leaves for the States and makes a huge fortune, while the heroine becomes a teen mother who struggles to support her brilliant son in a school that doesn't seem to uphold the idealogy of treating others as you would like to be treated. I mean this poor boy is getting bullied for being smart, for having a single mom, and being poor. Now, even though the hero sent the heroine letters (intercepted by the horrible mother), he doesn't get a reply and stops but he never forgets. In fact, he goes back to town to buy the heroine's family home. From then on, it's practically a game of keep away for the heroine who doesn't want the hero to find out about his paternity, finding a new home, being a mom, and getting contracts. You know, I was real ticked that since the heroine has been in the business of interior decorating of the houses that she never made them sign a contract before getting on board and planning because one client screwed her over. Now, the hero gets all the insider information on the heroine's life from her son who he shares a special bond with before he finds out and he finds out at the end. That is not the best part; the best was the sister being an idiot and reveal the heroine's pregnancy and how old the boy really was for the hero to realize because she thinks that after ten years the man will marry her when he discovers his son. He'll push her aside faster than a veggie platter at a barbecue!!! When the whole truth comes out, the hero and heroine hold each other and confess their love. Then we have the end scene with the wedding, son is happy, and the in-laws' faces looking grim.

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