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Can she find happiness in his loveless proposal?

Susan has decided to become a mother. Both her parents are gone, and she’s very much single. So she’s put an end to her lonely life by creating her own family. She’s over the moon after successfully conceiving through artificial insemination. Meanwhile, incredibly rich Texas bachelor Sterling is dumbstruck when he receives a call from the sperm bank. They used his specimen by mistake! Susan Wilkins, unaware of all this, is still working as a librarian and intends to accept full responsibility for her baby… But what will she do when Sterling comes along?

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alright. 3  3

It still eludes me on how some of sperm donor clinics manage to stay open with all the lawsuits of giving the wrong sperm to the wrong person. The heroine gets a real shock when she meets the hero who states he's the father of her baby because of a mistake at the clinic. He gives the heroine two options: 1) give him the baby or 2) enter a marriage with him. The librarian heroine doesn't think she'll win in court and goes with the contract marriage. Now, I wasn't really impressed with the heroine's dyed hair because it's for the court wedding and she now looks like some blonde bombshell when she could have been a brunette bombshell. Plus, now she has to keep this look. Throughout the plot, the heroine attempts to get to know the hero and engage conversations with him but he shuts her out a lot. Admittedly, there are times when he has taken the chance to talk to her. Personally, I found the marriage without communication kind of stupid because you need to talk to each other in order to know if the person shares the same morals, values, and methods of child rearing. So, after ten days of spending time with each other, the heroine pulls the hero in for a kiss. She thinks that he's going to pull away but he goes deeper, which surprises them both. Then the man runs off to a gentleman's club to collect his thoughts with liquor. When the hero talks with a friend about the heroine, he realizes that they are compatible but he doesn't want to ruin their relationship with love. That very night, the heroine comes into the hero's room to proclaim that she wants to be with the hero in every sense of husband and wife but he tries to resist. The heroine takes it the wrong way but he grabs her and they both consent to that very night. The next morning goes well and days from there until the heroine says the taboo phrase of "I love you," and it shuts the hero off. The hero is a divorcee whose wife left him when the hard times came upon them and it was the same with his mother. So, plainly put, the man is very distrustful towards women. He makes his statement to the heroine that he's given up on love, will only be a good father to the child, and put a lid on her feelings. His cold speech and cold behavior over the next few days push the heroine to pack up and leave. He finds out about the heroine leaving and she gives him her own speech about not being able to pretend she doesn't love him and how she can't live like that. She leaves the hero to walk away and he contemplates the decision to stay or go after her. Luckily, he runs after her and asks for a second chance because he realized that he can't live a life without her because he too has fallen in love with her but was too afraid to admit it. The ending goes with the two hugging and kissing each other with plans for a better future.

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