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She knows she shouldn’t love him, but her attraction to her late husband’s best friend can’t be ignored.

Lauren is pregnant…and the father of her child is her deceased husband’s best friend, Paolo! Three months ago, her husband went missing in battle and Lauren had only Paolo to depend on. When the Italian banker told her the tragic news, they turned to each other for comfort and wound up in the bedroom. The small life within her is a ray of hope for Lauren, but when she goes to Paolo to announce the joyous news, he is cold-hearted and dismissive: “Pregnant? Congratulations. Who is the father?”

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The double standard hypocrite!!! 1  1

SPOILER ALERT: This is going to be a long rant! When I read harlequin comics, I don't expect the characters to be perfect, just human but I do expect sensibility and empathy. I got none of that and even less because this was just plain rotten. So, the heroine is waiting for news that her soldier husband that she's divorcing for many many reasons is alive and asks the hero who seems to despise her on news. He goes straight to her house to deliver the news that the husband who was his best friend died. Now, the whole emotionally instability shakes the hero and heroine to go do the deed but the hero treats her with such distaste afterwards. Now, the whole world seems to view the heroine with contempt on going out to a party she wasn't invited to only a few months after the so called honorable husband died. She only goes to that party to tell the hero she's pregnant and his stupid response is, "who's the father,". I'm going to let the readers know that the hero never publicly claims till the very end that the heroine's child is his. Now, the heroine is hurt and dejected and decides to go to Italy because it's her grandmother's homeland but the hero makes all threats about how he'll make sure she never sets a foot in that country. Yet, she shows backbone and goes but I wish she had that spunk when it came to facing the hero in other things. Once she arrives, the hero kidnaps her and this is where she shows dumbness by holding out her phone to the hero with the threat of calling the phone. The hero hardly makes any effort with stealing the phone away from the hero. The foolish woman should have held the phone far away from the hero and secretly dialed the number with the usual of proclaiming to the hero (the police dispatcher of him kidnapping her and the destined location). Once there, we get a real big twist that's more twisted than a tongue twister. The hero learns from the heroine that the dead husband got a vasectomy when they were trying for six years to have a child and everyone, including husband were blaming her. Now, here's the fun part about how she learned about the man's vasectomy: ONE OF HIS MISTRESSES!!! The woman sent the heroine photos of the husband and her in all sorts of setting and evidence to show the vasectomy. Then the heroine realizes the hero knew about the affair when the man defends the dead husband about facing all kinds of pressure in order to explain his behavior. She shuts him out for only a day because of the cruel man's words and from then on, his behavior preceding the beginning of this book and throughout disgusted me immensely. The man was a cruel, crass, disgraceful, narrow-minded, swine-headed, vulgar, double standing hypocrite who deserve nothing less than a total smack down on concrete floor but never got. I mean seriously, even after being found out about withholding information of knowing man's affairs, the hero never apologized to the heroine for keeping her in the dark or anything at all for the matter. The hero says it was all for the heroine's happiness but when she came to him about the doubts about her husband who's not been coming home and all. Instead of thinking of her happiness, he thought of the friend's and scolded the heroine for not being faithful and understanding to the man!!! ARE YOU FLIPPIN' KIDDING ME???!!!! You said that you did it all for the heroine's happiness but when she comes to you for help; you chastise her on her behavior instead of telling her the truth or lying through your rotten teeth that the man does love her but is just busy. Plus, the hero went through the same situation himself with a cheating spouse who he divorced the minute he found out she was cheating on him but he believed the heroine should grin and bear it. Additionally, I can't believe the hero said the husband was exempted from the martial bonds because of all the family pressure he was dealing with. EXCUSE ME!!!! First, that is utter bullcockery because nobody is exempted from doing adultery when married. The wife is the role of being right beside the husband and support him in the bad times like he does for her. However, the man didn't treat her right. I also didn't like how the hero treated the heroine throughout the book with comparing her to a materialistic greedy woman. In fact, his thoughts were how all women were greedy and this is the narrow-minded mind thinks it's women in general, which is such an insult to his wonderful mother and sisters. I couldn't bear to like the hero and it was hard to read the end with him being all sweet when he never apologized. Then there's the heroine who had a backbone but lost it when it came to the hero and his words. The woman had ever right and opportunity to tell the hero off with a big fat NO to contract marriage and as well as calling him out on his behavior and demanding an apology. In fact, I don't know why she didn't take the opportunity to make a break for it when he was out of the house for the night to hide. Nor did she fight him off with her handbag to get away from him. In fact, the woman couldn't even hide that well in the first place. Then we learn in the end, the only reason the husband married the heroine was to one up on the hero and he apologizes to the hero but never to the heroine in the last and most recent will. The only reason this book has a star is because the ending with the kid was halfway nice. Other than that, I recommend you don't wast your money or points on this book.

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