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She was reborn a new woman, and yet she ended up falling in love with him all over again…

After suffering gruesome injuries from an accident, Jacqui wants a new identity so she can start her life over again. Plastic surgery gives her a new face, and she gives herself a new name—Brooke. As Jacqui, she fell in love with her husband, Rafe, and he promised to love her forever. But she found herself in a miserable marriage to a high-class tyrant, and it wasn’t long before Jacqui was cast out of his estate, surrounded by nothing but bad rumors about her marriage. Now, as Brooke, Jacqui sneaks into her ex-husband’s life just to see her dearest son once more.

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Better the second time around 4  4

I rather liked this one, but then reconciliation themes are a favorite of mine. There was definite growth in both characters - she grew a backbone; he softened his heart and opened his eyes. And it was rather novel how she got to see her husband, and what he thought of his “late” wife through the eyes of a “stranger”. I appreciated how he regretted losing his wife so much that the joy of recovering her wholly eliminated any anger he might have felt over her deception. It was touching to see the once cold as ice hero with tears in his eyes. I think the only thing I disliked was what we DIDN’T get to see. The hero originally drove her away and won full custody using the report supplied by a private detective who created evidence to prove she was having an affair. When she first moved back in, it was clear that the hero still believed what the report had said, although he’d began to understand how his past behavior/attitude had hurt her. After her identity was revealed, it was clear he must have been so glad to have her back that her forgave her infidelity instantly, because it wasn’t mentioned again. But I didn’t want her forgiven. I wanted her exonerated and the detective punished. Someone willing to manufacture evidence to destroy another person’s life or reputation for money needs to be dealt with for complete satisfaction. Other than that, I have to say I enjoyed the story and the art. I’m glad I added it to my bookshelf.

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two factors 3  3

In this harlequin, there were many small factors in the first disastrous marriage but they were accumulated to two large factors; non communication and distrust. This came from both sides of the marriage, not just the hero's side. The hero and heroine meet when the heroine's dance troupe is performing and have the quick marriage. The heroine is welcomed by some of the hero's family but not others. Then things start going south with the hero telling the hero not to do anything or even go outside to meet with friends. He starts becoming distant and doesn't listen to the heroine's pleas, even where he didn't support her in her wish to care for their own child and insisted the nannies do everything. The heroine was barely given any time to spend with her kid other than feeding him. Personally, I feel the heroine should've put her foot down on the nannies and told them to back off because she's the wife and the boss but she lacked a backbone. Plus, with her nasty sister-in-law spouting lies about how the hero doesn't love her and only wanted someone to give him an heir. So with the hero's non-communicative manner, the heroine starts to distrust him and seeks support from her friends. Now, the hero is fed rumors as well on the heroine being unfaithful but he doesn't support her nor trust her because he doesn't want her to leave the house at all, not even to visit her female friends. The straw that broke the camel's back was when the heroine ran into her friends that included a male friend and the hero saw. He locked the heroine out of the house and won full custody of their son and wouldn't let the heroine see the child. Depressed and wishing to die, her friends insisted she come with them to their next act. However, when she was with them, she gets into a car accident that scars up her face. When she awakens to friends and one of the hero's family members who believed in the heroine's innocence. She hears about facial reconstruction and takes the opportunity to proclaim she's dead and change her face in order hide her identity and spend time with her son without anyone to alert her. She begs friends and family to agree and they do. After a year of facial reconstruction, the heroine spends another year with the family member to get to know her son. Then the family member dies and leaves the house to the heroine in order for her to have a place to be close to her son. She meets the hero and gains a backbone she lacked when she was first married to the man. She turns down the hero's invitations for a date and scolds him for not being with his son and more. Now, we see from the hero's side that he has trouble expressing his feelings in words and actions that how the heroine's "death" affected him in the worst way. This new face also gives the heroine a chance to see different sides of the hero like him apologizing to her that she never saw. It's also not just the hero but the mean sister in law as well. During this whole facade, the heroine and hero come to terms about their marriage by talking about it with each other. The hero confesses after much work that he truly did loved the heroine and realizes that his possessiveness and inability to open his heart to her pushed her away. It's very heart wrenching and the heroine feels the same. It only takes one night for the hero to realize that the heroine is really his dead wife. Instead of being angry over he deception, he hugs her tight overjoyed that she's alive and it's chance to make things right with her. He says sorry for the things he cruelly did to her and asks for her forgiveness and a second chance. I was actually impressed with his words. In the end, a lot of apologies are made even from the sister-in-law. The hero and heroine gently let the little boy know who the heroine is and start over in their lives together.

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